April 24, 2014
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India joins the rush to grab African farmlands

Jan 7, 2012 2

New Delhi – Indian-owned companies have joined the race with China, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, South Korea and the European Union in acquiring farmlands in Africa “at throwaway prices, indulging in environmental damage and exporting the food while locals continue to ...

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Uganda: In the land of human sacrifice

Oct 26, 2011 1

In and out of Kampala, Uganda’s capital, the City, supposed to radiate enlightenment to some of Uganda’s dark ancient cultural practices, has failed to do so. The City is entrapped in obscurity. “The villages and farming communities that surround Uganda’s ...

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Malawi is Africa’s emerging cultural tourism gem

Oct 15, 2011 1

Lilongwe – Wildlife conservation professional, Ton de Rooy, says Malawi is emerging as one of Africa’s tourism gems. De Rooy, the Managing Director of Robin Pope Safaris and a trustee for the Lilongwe Wildlife Centre says apart from tourists visiting ...

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Harmonizing the unrealistic education system

Oct 10, 2011 0

The mass failure of Junior High School students at this year’s national examination, a worsening trend over the past couple of years, has sent educationists, parents, the mass media and Accra scrambling for answers. Is it the quality of teachers? ...

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