Sekouba Konate Meets With Dadis Camara in Morocco

Guinea's Defence Minister Sekouba Konate

Guinea’s Acting Head of State, General Sekouba Konate, is in Rabat the capital of Morocco to see Guinean Head of State, Moussa Dadis Camara, who has been receiving treatment in the country following a gunshot wound he suffered during a failed assassination attempt on his life. Konate who is Defence minister, is making a visit to Camara in order to familiarise himself with the progress of the Junta Leader’s recovery.

The two men have not seen each other since the junta leader was shot in the head by Lieutenant Diakite former head of the red berets in a military camp in Conakry. Konate had ordered the minister for communication in the presidency and the ministry of Defence, Idrissa Cherif, to stop making declarations about Guinea and Camara’s state of health, a minister close to the general has reported. The minister went on to say that inflammatory statements against Bernard Kouchner the French Foreign Minister and France are not of a nature to improve relations between Guinea and the European Union, which has tightened its sanctions against the junta. The Communications Minister has several times accused Kouchner of having seeking to destabilise the regime and of being in contact with those who attempted to assassinate Guinean Head of State Camara.

It is understood from reports coming out of Rabat that Camara is in a bad medical state as he is unable to talk and cannot feed himself. If these reports are confirmed to be true, it will create a serious power vacuum and the potential for a big rift amongst the junta officials as some still owe their allegiance to Camara and see Konate as someone who is vulnerable to US influence. The US meanwhile is increasing its diplomatic efforts to keep Camara out of Guinea. One US diplomat is quoted as saying that an offer of $50 million and a villa in Morocco should be on the table to influence the Junta leader to stay out of the political landscape of the country.

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