U.S. Makes Attempt To Keep Dadis Camara Out of Guinea

Defence Minister Sekouba Konate

Defence Minister Sekouba Konate

The United States of America has expressed its determination to keep wounded Guinean Head of State Moussa Dadis Camara, out of Guinea Completely. It seems the US government wants to install its own favourable regime in the country and is currently in secret talks with the caretaker leader Defence Minister Sekouba Konate while Camara is receiving treatment for gunshot wounds in Morocco. The US is keen on not allowing rogue regimes to have any say in African governance and see the crisis in the West African Country as a window of opportunity to effect its influence in the country.

Speaking to the Reuters News Agency the US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State William Fitzgerald said “We’re reaching out to try and talk to Konate,” He also said that the crisis in Guinea was a symptom of a dangerous slide in West Africa. “We’re deeply concerned that West Africa has fallen back from where it was,” which he said threatened broader instability in the resource-rich region. “The last thing we need is rogue militia running around West Africa again,”

The US confirms that they had no direct information on the health of Camara and that nobody’s spoken to him, that the information they are getting from the junta is unclear as well. When asked whether the United States might be pressing Morocco to offer Camara permanent exile, Fitzgerald was noncommittal. “I would say that we are reviewing all of the options we have to keep Dadis out of the country,” The Deputy Assistant Secretary of State went on to say that with Camara temporarily out of the picture, attention was focused on Konate. They believe that Konate does not share Camara’s wish for permanent power. “All of Camara’s actions were ill concealed attempts to take over,” Fitzgerald said. “We’re not getting that same sense from Konate.”

Meanwhile, the junta spokesman said that Dadis Camara was well and would address the nation soon.

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