Somali Marine Commander Accuses Int’l Community of Doing Little To Fight Piracy

Hijacked Merchant Ship With Crew and Pirates

Hijacked Merchant Ship With Crew and Pirates

The commander of Somalia’s newly recruited coastal guards Admiral Farah Omar Ahmed said he is very concerned over the strengthening pirate activities off the Somali coast with the international community doing little to eradicate piracy off the coast. Talking to reporters in Mogadishu last night the commander said that dozens of war ships along Somali coast are only patrolling in the sea without doing much work to combat piracy. “The cooperation between Somali government and the international community to fight piracy is too little, while pirates are stepping up their attacks so this seems that the international campaign against Somali buccaneers will produce nothing” Admiral Ahmed stated.

“The buccaneers are so strong and they are using sophisticated elements for their operations” he added.

The commander stated that individuals at some seaports in Africa and Arab world work with the pirates and give them details about when ships are sailing from seaports and their ways in the sea and that is what is making easier for pirates to hijack more ships.

“We have got that reliable information and investigations are under way and we will call the media when we have ended our investigation” Somali marines commander Admiral farah Omar Ahmed told reporters during his press conference in Mogadishu.

Over the weekend Somali pirates abducted a Greece-owned supper oil tanker sailing from Saudi Arabia to the United States, making it the largest ship taken by pirates since November last year when they captured the Saudi-owned Sirius Star which was carrying two million barrels of oil.

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