A Clarion call for Commercial Awareness as Ahmed Alhusine Sesay talks about greener and cleaner energy in the West Africa sub-region

Ahmed Alhusine SesayAs a citizen of ECOWAS, Ahmed Alhusine Sesay understands the importance of providing the sub-region with cleaner and greener energy, at an affordable and crucially sustainable cost. However, it is irrefutable that the good old fossil fuel-based thermal engines remain the dominant source of electricity in sub-Saharan Africa, the UK based Commercial Lawyer asserts.

The long-awaited West African Power Pool project will be up and running by September 2020, the question that begs for an answer is, what is the degree of our commercial awareness as member states? The West African Power Pool is a specialized agency of ECOWAS. It covers 14 of the 15 countries of the regional economic community. The aim is to integrate the national power systems or grids into a unified regional electricity market with the ultimate goal of providing in the medium and long term, regular, sustainable and reliable energy at a competitive cost to the citizenry of the ECOWAS region.

As a leading energy broker, in the ECOWAS region, Sesay opined that member states must embark on increasing their local grids through renewable energy, low emission thermal plants and turbines, if they intend to harness the potentials of WAPP to the fullest. In that regards Sesay has teamed up with VESMEC Ltd, to compliment the effort of WAPP in delivering affordable energy to member states.

Vesmec is a unique company in Turkey and sub-Saharan Africa with the capabilities to implement Heavy Fuel Oil, Natural Gas and Land Fill Biogas Power Plants including low scales as investor-operator of the plants in a Build-Operate-Transfer scheme with no upfront costs to utilities. As such, we have successfully undertaken the construction and refurbishment of power plants totalling +150 MWs by using our inhouse resources within the 12 months period.

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