US Senate committee approves bill for more North Korea sanctions Bill passes in unanimous vote

North Korean President with Senior Military Officials

North Korean President with Senior Military Officials

WASHINGTON (AA) – A Senate committee on Thursday approved legislation that would tighten sanctions against North Korea, after its recent nuclear test.

“The latest nuclear test is a reminder of the failure of current U.S. and international policy to eliminate the threat of North Korea’s nuclear program,” committee chairman Sen. Bob Corker said, adding that the bill would “tighten the web of sanctions” to denuclearize North Korea.

The new legislation places additional sanctions on Pyongyang and individuals who engage in money laundering, counterfeiting or the import into North Korea of any goods or technology that supports the North Korean government.

“The enactment of this bipartisan legislation would represent the most meaningful and comprehensive response toward addressing the threat that North Korea presents to our national security interests and the security interests of our friends and allies,” said Sen. Bob Menendez.

The Foreign Relations Committee’s bill passed unanimously and is expected to be approved by both chambers of the Congress before being signed into law by President Barack Obama.

Corker said the bill was expected to go to the full Senate in the second week of February.

North Korea currently faces several sanctions from the U.S. and is prohibited from trading in weapons and importing luxury goods under a UN resolution.

The legislation approval came weeks after North Korea announced that it had conducted its fourth nuclear detonation during an underground nuclear test.

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