Paris attack suspects detained for another 24 hours Detention period of 12 suspects extended

PARIS (AA) – The detention period of 12 suspects, detained Friday for questioning in connection to the recent attacks in Paris will be extended for another 24 hours, according to French media.

Investigators said the suspects, including eight men and four women, were not directly involved in the attacks but have been accused of assisting the terrorists logistically with guns and vehicles.

French media said investigators arrested the suspects based on DNA analysis and wiretapping. Over 70 people have been arrested in France in response to the Paris attacks.

Police conducted a series of raids to find the car of Hayat Boumeddiene, Amedy Coulibaly’s partner, who was spotted in Turkey on Jan. 2 before going to Syria on Jan. 8.

Coulibaly, who had connections with the Kouachi brothers Said and Cherif, killed a municipal police officer and four other people in a separate hostage incident inside a kosher supermarket in Paris.

He was later shot dead by police.

Meanwhile, a controversial French comedian, Dieudonne M’bala M’bala, was arrested on Wednesday. He will stand trial after writing a Facebook comment allegedly sympathizing with Coulibaly.

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