UK welcomes international contributions to support efforts to end Ebola in Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone

LONDON, 12 December 2014 – PRN Africa  —  Countries around the world step up to back Britain’s efforts to defeat the disease in the West African country.  The UK has so far pledged 230 million pounds to help the people of Sierra Leone defeat Ebola. This will build 6 treatment centres across the country, provide food and supplies for thousands of quarantined homes and already has provided over 750 operational beds to isolate and treat cases of Ebola.
As well as giving its own money, Britain has asked other countries across the world to join them in supporting Sierra Leone. So far Norway, Denmark, Cuba, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea and Canada have all agreed to provide health staff for Sierra Leone.

Australia is sending staff to work in the British built treatment centre at Hastings alongside New Zealand. The Norwegians will staff Moyamba, the Danes will staff Port Loko, South Koreans at Goderich and the Canadians will work with UK military and other staff at Kerry Town, along with Cuba.

Estonia is providing much needed disinfectant supplies which are vital for patient and staff safety, while the Netherlands have delivered supplies to the Royal Fleet Auxiliary ship Argus, which is providing transport and logistical support off the coast of Sierra Leone.  At the G20 summit held in Australia last month, the British Prime Minister made sure that Ebola was on the agenda and again urged the international community to act. The UK is walking side by side with Sierra Leone in this fight against Ebola and together we will defeat it.

SOURCE: UK Department for International Development

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