Once again on the 29th of August (Friday night), crises, mayhem, betrays, backstabbing, ordeals, chaos all that is negative seem to have gone beyond just engulfing Lesotho as yet another coup d’e`tat unsettle the SADC country. The military took over Lesotho government owned and private radio and television and radio stations resulting to a total black media out. The militant Army also military seized police control of many police stations in the country including the police headquarters in the capital city Maseru.

There were also wide unverified claims that there has been gunfire exchange between the military and whoever seem to be opposing it’s decisive attempted to overthrow the currently constitutionally elected coalition Lesotho government. There is only one accounted civilian life lost as result of the unfolding coup’de’tat.


The political tension in Lesotho issued two years ago but only escalated in June this year after Prime Minister Thabane suspended the whole Lesotho cabinet to avoid a no-confidence vote against his two year strained coalition government leadership. It was that decision that agitated opposition parties. The furious Deputy Prime Minister and also a official opposition leader Lesotho Congress Party leader Mothetjoa Metsing then subsequently vowed oust Prime Minister Thabane. Few days later the Lesotho Kingdom was faced failed coup’de’tat attempted. The country’s parliament was then closed. On her capacity as leading member of the regional Southern African Development Community South Africa’s mediated.

Since then Lesotho’s parliament have been closed making it very difficult for some other country’s affairs to continue working until today. Official it the Lesotho or the world had to take the June Prime Minister Tom Thabane’s decision (odd & unconstitutional as it was or still is) it then means there was the one parliamentary member and that’s Prime Minister Tom Thabane. So the Friday night alleged coup d’e`tat took place with that political situation in place. On Saturday afternoon, just a few hours of the coup attempt our sources in Lesotho said the situation at the capital was slightly calmer even there was visible intimidating military contingent was patrolling the streets and guarding the prime minister’s official residence.

The majority of the country’s economic strategic key institutions like banks and business industrial centers were closed. African Voices Web TV can confidently reveal that Prime Minister Tom Thabane who is scared about his safety is currently in South Africa. According to media reports Prime Minister Tom Thabane says he will only return to Lesotho only if he will be guaranteed that his is no longer under threat. One mysterious unanswered question though is whether the Prime Minister was somehow aware about the coup’de’tat way before the time because the coup’de’tat took over literally few hours after he left Lesotho to South Africa. The Republic of South Africa government criticized the military’s opportunistic coup’de’tat intervention.

While addressing the media at the government South African headquarters in Pretoria Union Buildings on Saturday the 30th of August, the Department of International Relations and Cooperation spokesperson Clayson Monyela said will always advocate for peaceful political negotiations rather than destructive violent ways of resolving problems. “South Africa wishes to reaffirm the AU position and warn that such unconstitutional change of government shall not be tolerated.”said the South African Department of International Relations and Cooperation spokesperson. He further emphases that the modern day constitutional democracy demands that the search for amicable solution finding should and must always be top of agenda in cases of such conflicts, where no political ideological rivalry principle should ever be resolved through violent means. The southern African mountainous kingdom isn’t not a stranger to coup’de’tat.

There are couple of documented coup’de’tat attempts since the country’s independence in 1966. Some South African political commentators strongly believe that the Lesotho Congress Party might perpetrators of recent coup to either oust the current Prime Minister Tom Thabane or force Lesotho government to reopen the country’s parliament.

Reporting for Newstime Africa from Johannesburg in South Africa

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