UN adopts resolution on Islamic State Security Council resolution aims to tackle funding and recruiting for the Islamic State and other al-Qaeda-inspired groups



UNITED NATIONS (AA) – The United Nations Security Council has unanimously adopted a resolution to tackle the Islamic State’s methods of recruiting and financing.

The resolution, under Chapter VII of the UN charter, allows use of “all necessary measures” to “suppress the flow of foreign terrorist fighters” to Iraq and Syria, where IS has made widespread advances during which it has been accused of committing atrocities.

The resolution, which is also aimed at Syria’s al-Nusra Front and other al-Qaeda-inspired groups, identifies these groups as a threat to civilians, particularly women and children.

These terrorists are “exacerbating conflict and contributing to violent radicalization” in Iraq and Syria, the resolution states.

Member states are called on to prevent terrorists from exploiting new technology such as social media to promote their goals as well as submit the details of individuals and groups supporting militant groups for possible sanction.

A monitoring team will submit a report to the council’s sanctions committee within 90 days on the threat posed by IS and “its sources of arms and funding.”


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