Turkey sends 87-trucks full of aid supplies to Iraq Aid agencies in Turkey provide humanitarian aid to Iraqi people displaced amid escalating unrest in the country

ANKARA (AA) – Turkish agencies have sent 87-truck convoy of humanitarian aid to violence-hit Iraq over the last 45 days, according to information from Turkey’s Prime Ministry public diplomacy office.

Food parcels, kitchen sets, medicine and medical supplies, tents, beds, blankets and wheelchairs were among the aid.

Since June 12, The Turkish Disaster Management Agency (AFAD), The Turkish Cooperation Agency (TIKA), The Turkish Red Crescent, Turkish municipalities and NGO’s have distributed humanitarian aid in Sinjar (24 trucks), Kirkuk (28 trucks), Telafer (1 truck), Erbil (2 trucks), Dohuk (29 trucks) and Tel Kaif (three trucks).

Turkey also established a humanitarian aid distribution center at the border in the country’s southeastern province of Sirnak.

Iraq has seen a marked escalation of sectarian violence between Sunni and Shia Muslims since June, when a coalition of armed opposition groups led by ISIL, Islamic State of Iraq and Levant, took control of large swathes of the country’s predominantly Sunni provinces.

More than a million people in the region have fled their homes, according to the UN’s humanitarian agency.

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