Malawi players star at South African chess tourney



The four players representing Malawi at the ongoing Commonwealth and South African Open Chess Championships taking place in the Republic of South Africa, have shown some brilliance despite appearing for the first time at the continental show.

Comprising of three men and one female, the team has so far produced thrilling results with Joseph Mwale amassing three points fro four games, whiole Ricahrd Mbedza has 2.5, Chiletso Chipanga and Ellen Mpinganjira both have two points each.

According to the Chess Association of Malawi, Joseph shrugged off resistance from South African Mofokeng Rasweu, but has lost a single game to Kathmale of India.

Richard has lost to Tiviakov Sergie of Netherlands but beat Essop Hishaam of South Africa while Chiletso has won against Vermeulem but lost to Jason Luke, both South Africans, with Ellen beating Tsepedi Manthata but falling prey to Staal Henri.

The tournament, which has pools together 700 participants, is being hosted at the Broad walk Hotel and Casino Complex near Nelson Mandela Bay. It started on July 5 and winds up on July 13.

The Malawi team is attending the tournament courtesy of Kasparov Chess Foundation Africa which has funded their participation.

With an ultimate goal of promoting chess as a tool for education and social development Kasparov chess foundation launched its African operations in March last year.

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