Women missing after 10 years are free…makes chilling phone call to police

Ohio Women“Help me, I am Amanda Berry. I need police.  I’ve been kidnapped and…I’ve been missing for ten years; and am here, am free now,” the panic-stricken voice of Amanda Berry, as she pleads for help to a police emergency call center in Cleveland, Ohio on Monday.

“I need them now, before he gets back…I am Amanda berry, I have been on the news for the past ten years…” she hysterically demands; her voice at some point muffled by the cries of a child.

Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight – three women reportedly missing in separate cases for over 10 years – were found together in the same house in a Cleveland residential area, a police supervisor told Newstime Africa.

A 52-year-old Spanish man, Ariel Castro, and two of his brothers were arrested in connection with the alleged abduction of the three women.

Amanda Berry, now 27, went missing in 2003 – a day before her 17th birthday – and in 2006, her mother died of heart failure.

Gina DeJesus, 23, was 14 yrs. old when she went missing in 2004 as she walked home from middle school.

Michelle Knight, now 32, went missing in 2002 at age 20, according to the Cleveland Plain Dealer who have been covering this story for years.

Charles Ramsey, a neighbour who lived next door to the house where the women were alleged to have been kept together all through these years and credited for freeing the women, said on CNN: “I heard a screaming, am eating my McDonalds, I come outside, and I see his girl going nuts; trying to get out of the house.  So, I go on the porch and she said ‘help me get out! I’ve been here for a long time’”.

Ramsey further explained that they (another man) had difficulty entering the house; so they kicked the bottom of the door to gain entrance as Amanda Berry bolted out of the house with a six year old girl.

He said the other two women stayed inside until the arriving police officers removed them from the house.

Another neighbour, whose phone was used in placing the distress call to the police, told CNN that they have been living in the area for years and never saw the three missing women or suspected anything unusual in the house.

She said they even barbecued together with one of the men in custody for the alleged kidnap of the women – Ariel Castro – and: “that’s why we are so shock. We never suspected anything.”

The neighbour disclosed that on Sunday, Castro was seen driving a convertible and he said hello to them.

However, she revealed that Castro had a serious character when not drunk and will only say ‘hi’ to them, but will behave sociably when tipsy.

A reporter with the Cleveland Plain Dealer said during the period when Amanda Berry and Gina DeJesus went missing, a thorough search was conducted in the neighbourhood but no one was found.

In fact, in 2006, a tip was received indicating that the remains of Gina DeJesus were buried in the garage floor of one of the houses in the area.

Police conduct an extremely careful search of the house; digging the garage floor but after ten agonizing hours, no human remains were found.

The occupants were whisked for police interviews but later released; because there was no evidence of any crime.

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