Uhuru Kenyatta’s spokesman tells Newstime Africa: “The ICC case has no merits, because the foundation on which the case is built has collapsed”

Uhuru Kenyatta Uhuru Kenyatta is innocent and the ICC case against him have no merits, because the foundation on which the case is built has collapsed since the pre-trial judge did not confirm the case against the police and the subsequent dropping of charges against another co- defendant, a government spokesperson in Kenya told Newstime Africa earlier this week.

Director of Communications, Munyori Buku, explained that charges should never have been brought up because the International Criminal Court (ICC)  fulcrum its case around the police, government and criminal gang.

“No, we are not worried about these charges.  They were never meant to have been charges in the first place, but they will collapse.  The case around Mr. Kenyatta lack the ingredients that meets the ICC threshold because the charges initially, were meant for the three of them and if the two are no longer facing charges, definitely there cannot be a case,” Buku retorted as to why so optimistic about the crumpling of the pending ICC charges.

Charges for crimes against humanity were initially directed at Mr. Kenyatta and two others – former Police Commissioner, Mohammed Hussein Ali and former Public Service Chief Francis Muthaura –  but both men would not be attending court proceedings because charges against them did not materialized.

An ICC pre-trial judge declined to confirm the charges against the Police Commissioner, Hussein Ali and just recently, in an unprecedented move in the decade long history of the ICC, the charges against Muthaura were dropped by Fatou Bensouda – ICC prosecutor.

Because of this, according to Buku, the case now lacks the three elements which initially made it a case for the prosecutors.

“The fact that two of the people in Mr. kenyatta’s case are been discharged is a clear indication that the charges were meant for something else, as we said before and it will be said again. Since 2010, our view have been that Mr. Kenyatta is innocent and in the fullness of time, that will be clear,” Buku remarked.

There are two trial cases on Kenya at the ICC – the case of Uhuru Kenyatta and Francis Mathaura; and the case of William Ruto and Joshua Sang.

During evidentiary review by the defense teams, a prosecution crucial witness stated that he lied when he asserted that he was present at two meetings – in which he reported that there were arrangements made for the execution of the carnage of hundreds of people after the 2007 presidential elections in Kenya.

In statements made to the prosecuting team, the witness stated that Kenyatta attended both meetings but Mathaura attended only one.

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