Agricultural officer call for adoption of efficient farming methods in Kenya

KenyaComprehensive adoption of efficient farming methods by the medium and small scale farmers could greatly boost the overall food production in Nakuru County, an agricultural officer has noted.

Nakuru Agricultural Officer, Stephen Mureithi said if the farmers engaged in dairy farming, crop farming and mixed farming advanced their operations from common and traditional methods to technological mechanisms, their gross harvests could voluminously bulge.

“The problem that has continued to persist in the local farming is that majority of the farmers are still stuck to the old ways of farming which do yield so little considering  the climatic changes which adversely affect crops planted under the primitive ways,” said Mureithi.

Taking into account of the effects of the climatic changes which Mureithi said started to showcase themselves in 2008, he prevailed on the farmers to start embracing new technological ways of farming to boost and maintain their productivity.

Following erratic water patterns experienced in the county since 2008, the agricultural officer said food production has dropped by 30 per cent.

“In order to restore our food productivity, our farmers must start adopting farming technologies like agroforestry,use the minimum  tillage machinery, greenhouses and plant drought  resistant crops among others,” added the officer.

He further urged the farmers to diversify their farming so that they do not incur absolute losses in case of failure of their crops.

Meanwhile, he encouraged the youth to engage in farming as a way of earning a living instead of looking for white collar jobs.

He said the government will be distributing walking tractors to small scale farmers to boost their agricultural activities.

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