Chinese investors show interest in Kenya’s Rift Valley

KenyaCost of living is set to drop at some percentage for people living in Nakuru town and Rift Valley as a whole as well as increased job opportunities to the youth living within the region. This is after the region’s business community came into collaboration with a group of 20 Chinese from China’s Henan province.

According to the Nakuru business association’s secretary Joel Wanderi who spoke to journalists during an interactive session between investors in the Rift Valley and investors from China’s Henan Province, the collaboration will lead to low living standards following manufacturing of local products and services at slightly lower prices.

“Chinese investors from the famous Henan province look forward to setting different kind of business in this region, most products that will be produced are already in the market but at a slightly higher prices, we hope that when the investors lastly start their businesses the prices will go down as well as employing some of our youths.” Said Wanderi.

The two groups held the session on Tuesday at a Nakuru hotel, where Kenyan investors had ample time to explain the business opportunities in the Rift valley and what type of business can thrive in the region. Chinese investors on their side tabled the kind of businesses they intend to start and how they would like investors from rift valley to help to kick off the business.

The person in charge of foreign affairs ministry in Henan provincial government Wang Runling expressed her gratitude to the rift’s investors saying that Kenyan’s friendly nature will make it a better place for various business her province investors aim to start.

“Apart from the fact that this country is full of opportunities, we are glad that Kenyans are kind and friendly and this will make it possible for us to invest and carry out business feeling welcomed.” Runling said.

The session was a second one between the two groups of investors, after the first one was carried by the said groups in Nakuru mid last year.

Nakuru District commissioner Mwachidudu Chimera who represented the provincial administration in the session said that the Chinese investors are welcomed in the region.

The two groups are set to meet in a short while after the elections so as to get ways to forge ahead, after which the investment will kick off at different areas of the rift valley province. If the deals go through and the investors get assured that the region is safe for their money an increased cement industries, hotel businesses and travel agents may be a new phenomenon in rift valley.

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