Interconnection deal for Malawi and Mozambique tabled again

Malawi and Mozambique have gone back on the drawing table to revise an electricity inter connector deal the two countries agreed upon in 2009.



The two countries entered into a power interconnection deal some three years ago but the agreement has been awash with alterations at various levels, the recent being what the principle secretary in the ministry of energy Dr. Winford Masanjala say will enable each country to import and export from the other.

The principle secretary added that the power lines from Maputo will proceed to other parts of Mozambique from Malawi so that the power is also shared to the other parts of Mozambique. The power capacity, according to the principle secretary, doubles the original volume.

“What remains is the date for signing the proposed power interconnection draft agreement which would determine the next step in the energy tapping process,” the PS, Dr. Masanjala disclosed.

The agreement was first brokered during the reign of the late professor Bingu wa Mutharika Democratic Progressive Party.

It is reported that Malawi produces an estimate of 200 megawatts against the required 300 megawatts hence the prolonged rationing by the country electricity corporation.

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