Malawi man at large after chopping off wife’s fingers

Barely a month after Malawians commemorated a two week gender activism period; a 49 year old woman is in agony at a district hospital after her husband chopped her fingers alleging that she was going out with another man.



Police public relations officer in Balaka where the two have been in matrimony for 35 years and have 5 children confirmed that the accused is William Duwa and at large.

“The man accused her wife Chrissy of having a secret love affair and then chopped off her two fingers with a panga knife leaving her in a pool of blood,” Joseph Sauka of Balaka police said, adding the incident happened on the night of January 7 2013.

The police explained that the victim narrated that Duwa went out to a drinking spree and upon arrival at home started questing the wife of having a secret marital affair before slicing her two fingers and running away.

The victim who comes from Ntcheu district in the central region of Malawi is at Balaka district hospital receiving treatment.

Once arrested, the suspect from the lakeshore district of Mangochi,  is expected to answer a case of grievous harm contrary to Section 238 of the Penal code, an offence that attracts a maximum sentence of 14 years imprisonment.

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