The United Kingdom government says Sierra Leoneans have made their voice clear and political parties should accept the result of the elections

Foreign Office Minister Mark Simmonds has commended the Sierra Leoneans for their commitment to international standards and efficient running of the elections. The Minister has also congratulated President Koroma on his re-election.

British Foreign Office Minister – Mark Simmonds

Foreign Office Minister for Africa, Mark Simmonds said: “The UK welcomes the success of Sierra Leone’s Presidential, Parliamentary and local multi-party elections, which demonstrates growing political maturity and strengthening stability and security. I would like to congratulate President Koroma on winning re-election to a second term in office.

“This was the first Sierra Leonean election since the civil war which ended in 2002 to be run entirely by national democratic institutions. The UK commends the Sierra Leoneans for their commitment to international standards and the efficient running of the elections.

“The large numbers of Sierra Leone’s citizens who turned out to cast their ballots on 17 November have made their voice clear. We call on all political parties to accept the result. Any remaining concerns with the process should be submitted to the authorities and resolved professionally and peacefully. The UK calls on all parties to continue to abide by the rule of law, renounce violence and incitement to violence and respect human rights.

“I look forward to continuing our work with President Koroma and his Government in support of progress, sustainable economic development and lasting peace in Sierra Leone and the region.”

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