Kenyan government upbeat on having 1.1 million men undergo voluntary male medical circumcision

Kenyan Government through its health officials is working around the clock to attain its ultimatum of having an estimated 1.1 million uncircumcised men undergo the Voluntary Male Medical Circumcision (VMMC) come the end of next year.

Man undergoes the cut

According to the concerned health officials, all men who undergo the voluntary process are compensated a hundred shillings in return as an encouragement to bring forth other friends who haven’t underwent the all important medical process. This in the long run is meant to reduce the rate of new HIV transmission cases by a significant number. It’s medically proven that circumcised men do stand a good chance of boosting the HIV prevention efforts.

Since its commencement back in 2008, the country has so far managed to successfully carry out over 477,000 voluntary male medical circumcision processes with the exclusive of those done in Private hospitals. By being circumcised, a man reduces his risk of contracting the HIV virus by as much as 60 percent in accordance to studies carried out by medical officials.

Further studies seek to reveal that the effectiveness of undergoing male circumcision curbs the infections of the virus for several years through a vaginal intercourse. This though doesn’t rule out the need to take the necessary preventive measures such as use of contraceptives.

Among the areas receiving most concentration of the voluntary process include the Western Province of Nyanza which for long has been conscious in practicing its ancient customs and traditions of non-removal of the foreskin and rather opting to the knocking off of the fore teeth. Following closely in the rank is Turkana region where the practice has been very low over the years. To ensure the government achieves its set target, it has rolled out programs aiming at sensitizing and mobilizing efforts to have more people embrace the ideology behind the whole process. Not left out are the women who’ve been urged to engage their men who’ve not yet underwent the process to do so as one way of increasing mobilization of the program.

Meanwhile, considerations to have the government integrate Voluntary Male Medical Circumcision (VMMC) process integrated into outpatient public hospitals as part of its HIV Prevention package are already underway.

Another new approach of enhancing the program in a rather cost-effective manner is the introduction of infant male circumcision. Infant male circumcision has been proved to be very secure and only requires the parent’s consent or request to have it enforced.

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  1. First of all, circumcision is genital mutilation — it is extremely harmful to the man’s sexual pleasure and the pleasure of his partner.

    Second of all, how is it “VOLUNTARY” if you are mutilating a helpless little BABY?

    Third, Babies are not even sexually active! Moreover, Circumcision does NOT prevent HIV! A 2009 USAID study showed that in 10 of 18 countries with data available, circumcised men are MORE likely to have HIV, including many African countries.

    These totally unethical campaigns are being carried out with US government money and being spearheaded by religious interest groups that are dead set on perpetuating the genital mutilation of male children. Time to end this nonsense.

    If you want to prevent HIV, wear a CONDOM, every time.

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