Americans set to re-elect Barack Obama as 5 million new jobs created over the last 4 years

The American people are heading to the polls with one clear objective: to allow continuity. Four years is definitely not enough for any government to realize its aspirations, not especially when that government faces a hostile US congress that is determined to always vote on partisan lines, even if it means shoving aside vital programs designed for the welfare of the American people. But, Barack Obama’s record as president will be difficult to shove aside, as the past four years since he has been at the helm, has seen 5 million new jobs created. And the world’s greatest economy has been abe to withstand all the turbulence from the global economic meltdown, and has recovered efficiently.

President Barack Obama – Set for another term as president

The vague policies of Obama’s rival, Mitt Romney, have not helped undecided voters to lean on to the republican ticket, but the foundations that the democratic government of Barack Obama has laid, my well provide the crucial difference to voters who are hell bent on keeping the momentum of hope that has come to characterise the Obama election campaign.

The idea of not taking an uncertain route by voting for a man who has little or no experience in managing the world’s biggest economy, and one with no foreign policy expertise, at a time when delicate negotiations loom to protect American interests world-wide, may well be another deciding factor in these elections, as Obama is seen as a safe pair of hands, under whose leadership, the world’s greatest terrorist, Osama Bin-Laden, was  taken-out.

The Republicans have spent millions of dollars on advertising campaign to soil Obama’s record, but the American people are well aware of the changes that has taken place since Obama entered the White House, and the potential for Romney dismantling all the positive policies that have already changed many American lives, does exist, and may be too weary to trade all Obama’s successes for an uncertain future. Voting for Obama once more may only be the safest insurance policy on the table that is on offer this election.

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