NBA’s Dallas Mavericks Dirk Nowitzki weds in Kenya

Dirk Nowitzki weds in Kenya

After having been misquoted and falsely reported over a while now, German superstar Dirk Nowitzki proposed to his long-time girlfriend Jessica Olsson during Valentine’s Day, and zipped it up over the weekend when he officially married Jessica in a traditional African wedding ceremony held in Kenya. The Dallas Mavericks superstar said that the wedding is the first of the two wedding ceremonies that they’ve planned to stage in their programme. “This is one of two wedding set-ups that we have planned to undertake and the ceremony has been very beautiful,” said Dirk. The seven foot tall NBA player delivered the bride price as it’s expected in a befitting traditional African ceremony in Kenya.

Sources clarify that Jessica and Nowitzki born of a Swedish father and a Kenyan mother, opted to wed in style with hosting the ceremonies one in her mother’s home based in Kenya and the other in Germany. It’s expected that Nowitzki’s fellow basketball ace’s kin shall be in attendance in Germany during the anticipated second ceremony. Having played for the Mavs in a record breaking 14 years now, he is the 34th player in NBA history and the first European to hit the much coveted 20,000 point milestone record. He also became the first European player to be honored as the 2006/07 MVP player of the season as well as in the year 2011. The newly wedded Jessica works as a manager at the Art Gallery of George Michael, based in Dallas, Texas city.


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Slim says:

Way to go Dirk…

BILL says:

Way to Go Dirk!!
Hope you and your pretty wife Jessica
have a great life together making future All Stars!
LOL…. Best Wishes to both of you and GO Mavs!

Mary Thomas-Turner says:

Congratulations on your wedding. You have a beautiful wife and the two of you look very happy and made for each other. May you have many years of happiness and may God bless.