Police in Nakuru nab car theft racket in the Kenyan town of Kiamunyeki

Police in Kenya

Police in Nakuru have today nabbed two cars and dismantled car parts believed to be part of the reported stolen vehicles from an elaborate car theft syndicate. The thieves are said to operate in Kiamunyeki area, Bahati in Nakuru. Police say that the suspects whom they described as known, managed to make an escape after an intense car chase which ended in section 58 Estate. They claim that they left their car and fled on foot. Stoic car park company officer who assisted the police in the operation, Mr. Osike, said that the thieves tried to dismantle the car in such of the tracking device but in vain. Speaking to the press during the incident was Nakuru’s OCPD Bernard Kioko who said, “We are appealing to members of the public who may have lost their cars to come forward and identify the cars. There’s also another car at this place which we believe must have been stolen by the thieves.”

Nakuru’s OCPD Bernard Kioko also added that the recovered car had reportedly been stolen from Komarock Phase 3B in Nairobi last night. Thanks to the Stoic car tracking system which led them to the search where two more stolen cars were found in the secluded compound. Stoic says it has since January helped track over 100 stolen cars, majority of which end up in Nakuru.

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