Court in Gabon Rejects Challenge to Bongo’s Victory

Ali - The Bogo Man

Ali - The Bogo Man

Gabon’s Constitutional court has rejected the opposition’s challenge to election victory of Ali Ben Bongo’s the son of the former leader of Gabon, Omar Bongo. In a statement read out on state television, the court said “The election of Ali Ben Bongo Ondimba as president of the Republic of Gabon is confirmed” The court’s decision has been widely predicted as Ben Bongo’s dad Omar had created a business-friendly policies in the country that the people wanted to continue as investment flows into the country.

Ben Bongo had won with 41.8 percent of the total votes and the opposition had launched widespread protests challenging the validity of the elections as they claim votes were rigged. But the ineffective coalition of opposition parties failed to reach a consensus to mount a formidable opposition in the polls. Ben Bongo toured the region to galvanise support from other African leaders and assured them of Gabon’s continued relationship with them.

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