Kenyan national in the U.S. confess to killing and eating roommate’s body parts – says police

Alexander Kinyua - admitted to killing his roommate

Alexander Kinyua, 21, admitted to killing his roommate with a knife and slicing the dead body; removing some internal organs – and particularly eating the heart and a portion of the brains, Maryland law enforcement authorities said on Thursday. “Mr. Alex Kinyua reported that he had caused the death of Mr. Kodie by cutting him up with a knife and then ingested his heart and portions of his brain,” a police incident report stated. “My assessment of the community reaction to this crime is that our residents are in a state of disbelief.  Harford County is a quiet county with a very low crime rate.  We have the fifth lowest crime rate in the State and we would never believe that anything like this could happen in our community.  We are concerned for the residents in the Joppa community and have taken steps to assure them that they are not at risk,” Sheriff L. Jesse Bane, said

The police report explained that, Alexander Kinyua’s roommate, , from Ghana was staying with the Kinyua family of six in Joppa, Maryland as a tenant and had been reported missing – after he went for a jog in the early morning hours of May 25th but never returned.

Mr. Agyei-Kodie was then reported missing the following day to Harford county police detectives by Anthony Kinyua – father of the accused.

After investigations into the missing persons report, detectives were able to determine the possibility of a crime been committed.

Three days later-after the filing the missing persons report – late at night, police were again summoned to the residence by the father, who reported that one of his sons, had seen what looked like human remains in the form of a head and two hands; concealed in two tins wrapped in a blanket in the laundry room located at the basement of the home.

The brother confronted his elder brother, Alexander Kinyua about the human remains findings but the latter denied they were human remains instead he said, the remains were those of an animal.

The police further sated that, the younger brother then left to notify his father of his discoveries and as the two returned to the basement, the remains were nowhere to be seen and Alexander Kinyua was seen tidying the tins where the human remains were initially noticed.

A warrant was executed and the remains – a head and two hands – were later discovered on the main floor; apparently been moved there by Alexander Kinyua, who then confessed to police on the cannibal-like horrendous crime.

He later led the detectives to a nearby church dumpster where the remainder of Kujoe Bonsafo Agyei-Kodie mutilated body was recovered.

Police have also confirmed that a positive identification of the corpse has been done and the remains were those of 37 year-old Ghanaian national, Kujoe Bonsafo Agyei-Kodie.

Monica Worrell, Public Information Officer at Harford county police confirmed to NewstimeAfrica on Monday: “Mr. Kinyua is presently been held in detention and in isolation. He is under constant watch and the only visitor he’s allowed at this time is his attorney.”

Ms. Worrell concluded that this crime is “not something we have seen.”

Alexander Kinyua could face the death penalty if convicted in this case at trial – of which a date has yet to be announced.  He is been charged with three counts of first degree murder, first degree assault and second degree assault. No other person is been charged in the case and it remains an ongoing investigation.

He also has a pending criminal case after beating a fellow student at Morgan State University – an engineering university where he attends – with a baseball bat on May 19; that resulted in serious injury on the other student as he suffered a fractured skull and lose of sight in one eye.

In that case, Mr. Kinyua was arrested, charged with first-degree assault and arraigned in a Baltimore court for a preliminary hearing.  He posted bail after been granted a bond and a June 19, 2012 date was set for trial. It’s unclear what will become of this trial especially, with the latest developments.

Alexander Kinyua is now a US citizen and not in violation of immigration law but the deceased, Kujoe Bonsafo Agyei-Kodie was in violation of US immigration law, according to a US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Spokesperson.

“Mr. Agyei-Kodie was ordered removed by an immigration judge in March 2010 after he was found to be unlawfully in the country as he violated the terms of his student visa,” ICE Public Affairs Specialist, Nicole Navas revealed to NewstimeAfrica on Monday.

She also hinted that ICE had requested for emergency travelling document from Ghana to facilitate and expedite the removal process of Mr. Agyei-Kodie back to Ghana but to the time of his death, they have not gotten any documentation from Ghana.

In unrelated incidents, there has been a bizarre cannibalism-like- crime spree within the eastern part of America in the past week.

On MAY 27, a 31 year old homeless man in Miami, chewed off the face of another homeless man and had to be shot dead by police officers when he refused to stop munching on the other.

According to media reports, a cyclist cycling along the freeway noticed a man tearing the flesh on the face of another man and called the police – both men were naked. He chewed about 75% of the other’s face and he is recovering at a hospital.

Another horror unfolded in New Jersey when police said, a 43 year old man called them, alleging that he had a knife and was going to hurt himself.  When police entered his room, he was found stabbing himself and he threw some of his intestines at the police.  He was taken to hospital and is in critical condition.

Canadian police also reported that a porn star, Luka Rocco Magnotta, killed a friend of his he once dated, dismembered his body and mailed the parts to top politicians in Canada.  He escaped Canada and was arrested in Germany.

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