The National Liberation Front (NLF) wins the elections in Algeria

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The final results in Algeria’s parliamentary elections confirm an overpowering victory for the national liberation front (NLF) who will dominate the future parliament with 220 representatives. Polls opened across Algeria at 8am Thursday (May 10th), with nearly 21 million voters expected to take part in the historic legislative election. Schools serving as polling stations across the country’s 48 were highly secured and about 60,000 police officers were posted in the areas around polling stations. Anti-fraud measures were also set up to ensure total transparency as promised by the president Abdelaziz Bouteflika whose appeal to massive vote seems to have found echo in some departments.

About 150 European Union observers, 200 from the African Union (AU), 130 from the Arab League, 20 from the Organisation of Islamic Co-operation (OIC), seven from the UN, and representatives from an American NGO, the National Democratic Institute (NDI) were mobilized to monitor the operation. The Algerian government has guaranteed good conditions of work to the 900 journalists in charge to cover this important event. To fulfil its pledge the Algerian government decided to use transparent ballot boxes and indelible ink as an anti-fraud measure in an election where voters choose independently their representatives from 25,800 candidates. The announcement of final results took long time to be done by the interior minister Daho Ould Kablia who confirmed the turnout at 44.38 percent.

The national liberation front (NLF) which won the largest number of seats (220) goes far beyond the national democratic rally (NDR) with only 68 seats and the alliance of islamist parties with 48. The socialist forces front (SFF) of Hocine Ait Ahmed came fourth with 21 seats ahead of the labour party of Louiza Hanoun 20 representatives in the future assembly which will consist of 462 deputies.

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