Libyan government eager to form security forces to ensure full control of entire country


One year after the uprising which led to the ousting of Mouamar Al Gaddafi’s regime, the Libyan interim government has not yet managed to offer an outer shell of coherent State and to put into effect a real control of the country. Since the fall of the Gaddafi empire Libya risks more than ever to sink into the civil war. Situation cannot allow some hope of a better future as regard to different tensions rising between the different ethnic groups and tribes. These tensions are particularly due to the absolutely particular configuration of Libya which has never been, built on coherent state bases. The Libyan population consists of about 170 tribes with different traditions and different cultural aspirations.

These various groups were able to arm themselves during the shady period of the uprising anti-Gaddafi. A reconfiguration was organized in the disorder of the intervention of the NATO. Now the situation is far of being able to be controlled by the Libyan transitional national council (TNC) that is striving to avoid the irreparable while the situation remains opened to the most difficult scenarios. The inability to disarm the different conflicting groups further complicates the task of the ruling authority.

The last corroborative event dates back to last February when the Cyrénaïque leaders proclaimed the autonomy of their region. This made the president of the TNC Moustapha Abdeljalil acting in response to threaten to use force if the rebels do not reconsider their decision. To rebuild the country’s security system on coherent bases the Libyan government is to send rebels who have an active role in the ousting of the former Gaddafi’s regime from power to receive police training abroad. In this perspective Turkey and Jordan are about to accept about more than 5000 rebels to be formed to serve as security forces in the country. By this formation the Libyan government is aiming at strengthening armed forces to reassert their authority and ensure the total control nation wide.

One Libyan journalist on condition of anonymity considers that “the country’s current situation is extremely tense which suggests an impending implosion in terms of what the regime of Gaddafi bequeathed in terms of hatred between different ethnic groups”. 
The flow of heavy weapons and the infiltration of various armed terrorist groups in the country concern at the highest level the neighbouring countries like Algeria . The authorities of these country which mobilized  the security forces on the regions bordering Libya have been urged to stem a little bit the flow of arms which benefits the AQIM groups in the southern part of the country.

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  1. UN, France, Britain, USA and NATO have succeeded in bringing another Somalia in Libya. NO Ghadafi no Libya. The Libyans will surely pay the price of their ungratefulness. Let’s sit and wait, Libyan will be the worst country in Africa and the world as a whole. They have sold their glory and they will never regain it.
    May the soul of Ghadafi rest in perfect peace.

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