Sierra Leone President Ernest Bai Koroma to give keynote address at The Times Newspaper CEO Summit for Africa in London

President Ernest Bai Koroma - Will give Keynote address

The Sierra Leone President Ernest Bai Koroma, has been invited by the Times Newspaper in London to give the keynote address for this year’s The Times CEO Summit for Africa, which will take place on Monday 19th March 2012. The event organised by Britain’s most influential and reputable media group, will bring together Chief Executives and political leaders to discuss the key business opportunities in Africa and set out an agenda for Africa’s growth. The summit will attempt to reframe the debate around Africa in how the continent moves beyond issues such as aid and development, and will focus on economic growth and the continent’s business future. The programme for the summit will be a mixture of keynote speeches and  panel sessions. And there will be breakout groups with high-profile guests from across Africa and from companies operating in the continent and those that have direct interests there.

This summit will provide airtime opportunity for the business potential of Africa as the continent is not often portrayed as the ideal place for the ordinary retail investor to put in their hard-earned cash. Africa is often looked at as a bastion of poor infrastructure and inept governance. The Financial Times and The Times newspapers in London have provided consistent forums to change the attitudes among investors in recent times, and increasingly the case for Africa as a continent that is taking control of  its own economic future has increased. The emergence of dynamic leaders like President Ernest Bai Koroma of Sierra Leone, Paul Kagame of Rwanda, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf of Liberia, John Atta-Mills of Ghana, Alpha Conde of Guinea, and a few others, have changed the perception of how Africa is viewed by the rest of the world. The dramatic development progress taking place in Sierra Leone is testament of how democracy can work to improve on people’s lives and livelihoods.

Sierra Leone is slowly being transformed into an economic-hub in sub-saharan Africa with rapid developments in the areas of agriculture, mining and tourism. Foreign investors have been engaged in unprecedented ways to help change the economic fortune of this once war-torn state in West Africa. Th recent investment by world-class companies like African Minerals has seen the country become one of the largest Iron Ore producers in the world. The country’s entire road network is facing a complete overhaul with new feeder roads being built to enhance trade locally and with neighbouring countries. Sierra Leone is now considered as one of the most easiest countries in the world to do business in.

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  1. Alimamy Osman

    President Ernest Koroma is the answer to sierra leone problem. with him, we will once again claim our glory and the prestigeous Athen of africa accolade. our country is on a rapid development facelift. By 2015, salone will become a nation worthy to emulate of its development strides. God bless our president- EBK and God bless sierra leone.

  2. God knows our problems in Sierra leone,that is why he brought us a super charismatic leader Dr.Earnest Bai Koroma.pls Sierra leoneans vote for progress not backwardness.This is the time we need to make a strong foundation for our coming children,and the rest of our freebasing yet unborn.remember the national pledge and commit yourself for the progress of Sierra leone never allow anybody to brain wash you any more with their sweet talk.Remember the world is moving in a sprinting form and no more a marathon.God bless Sierra Leone

  3. John

    His Excellency Dr Ernest Baibureh Koroma is a God sent gift, not only to Sierra Leone, but to the entire African continent.Not only, Dr Koroma has put Sierra Leone on the right track, but he has solved many african problems, including Cote d’Ivoire, Guinea, Senegal etc etc.Long live Dr Koroma and long live Salone

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