Poverty Reduction Initiative for Africa launched to help improve standard of living across the continent


First, it was the Meals for Schools Campaign project for Africa, but Newstime Africa’s Publisher Ahmed Kamara, had other ideas after launching such a fantastic project to help Sierra Leonean children get a full course meal each day at school. He wanted to extend the idea to other African countries. But then he realised that he should set the goals much higher, and have decided to launch the Poverty Reduction Initiative for Africa that will not only encompass the Meals for Schools Project but introduce new initiatives that will help reduce poverty and improve on standards of living across the continent.

Africa as a continent has suffered enough. We have been poor for too long and the way the world economy is being managed by a few rich and powerful nations, have hindered our progress as a people and have sometimes left us helpless in the face of decision making by world institutions responsible for defining global economic and market practices. Western countries have primarily looked after their own interests and Africa has never been at the heart of any global economic agenda. Some of our government leaders have also not helped. Massive amounts of our resources have been manipulated and diverted for personal use by corrupt public officials. Compassion for our people have never been a priority, as mismanagement, corruption and embezzlement have taken hold of our  system of governance. Insurmountable as our problems have become, we must not relent in our pursuit for a better life for our people. We must come together as a force for change and contribute whatever little, and help change the direction our continent is taking.

The Poverty Reduction Initiative for Africa is a small step to help alleviate the suffering of our people. We believe something has to be done to help relieve our continent of its poverty-stricken environment. We also strongly believe that no-one else can do it for us – we have to take the initiative. We aim to focus on outcomes that will benefit the poor by recognising the multidimensional nature of poverty and create strategies to address such. Our approach will take the form of a partnership oriented action that will involve co-ordinated participation of governments, domestic stakeholders, external donors and individual contributions from Africans around the world.

Our objective will focus on these primary areas of interest:

1) Meals for school children

2) Medicines for hospitals

3) Books and academic equipments for schools and higher institutions of learning

The apparent need for more equipped hospitals and efficient health care systems across Africa cannot be over-emphasised. The rate at which people die because of lack of proper health facilities or appropriate medical care is alarming in Africa. Some governments like the one in Sierra Leone, under the leadership of President Ernest Bai Koroma, have taken dramatic steps to address this issue by introducing free health care for lactating and pregnant women including children under-five, to enable them to have access to vital medical care. But there is still more to be done if high mortality rates are to be reduced. Some deaths occur simply because there is no access to the right medicine or prescription. It is PRIFA’s intention to change all this. We aim to raise funds and implement programs across the continent to address this serious anomaly.

Education is extremely important to any society if poverty is to be tackled successfully. The more educated a society the more that society can contribute effectively to nation building and transforming the lives of their community. PRIFA is confident that by raising awareness and funds and developing a well managed strategy, Africa can once more engage the international community by becoming more productive through attaining better skills and access to formal education for its people. We are determined to provide the right equipment to our students and teachers to empower our classrooms to deliver a better learning experience for our people. We will employ the necessary fund-raising initiatives to achieve this.

We are calling on all NGO’s, stakeholders, donor agencies and governments to reach out and work with us as we take the right initiative to help eliminate poverty in Africa.

Visit the PRIFA website now and start making a difference!   www.prifa.org

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