Wanted!! – Julius Maada Bio – For economic crimes, the brutal killings, maiming, and summary executions of innocent men and women in Sierra Leone

Julius Maada Bio – Wanted for crimes against the people of Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone is at risk of not being accepted as a full-fledged member of the international community of nations, if Julius Maada Bio is elected president of this small West African country. The effects and trauma of a ten-year brutal civil war can still be felt across the towns and villages that took the brunt of savagery as rebels let loose their carnage by killing and maiming innocent men, women and children. Sierra Leone still bears the scars of the lunatic and erratic actions of young and  inexperienced soldiers who took power by force in 1992, and went on the rampage with the summary executions of all those who dared challenge the legitimacy of their hold on to power. The opposition SLPP party is once more attempting to drag this now peaceful nation, into the abyss of destruction, violence and economic ruin, by presenting as its candidate for president in the upcoming 20112 elections, a man who is guilty of crimes against the people of this blessed country. A man whose track record as leader disqualifies him completely of ever holding any public office in our country. As a matter of fact, he does not have the democratic credentials that is necessary, and a prerequisite, to give our country the much-needed voice to negotiate itself out of the economic misery he and his colleagues dragged us into.

The mistake that was made in 1996, when Ahmed Tejan Kabbah, a convicted criminal, who during his tenure as a senior civil servant, swindled public funds, and was convicted for corruption and then banned from ever holding any public office, was presented then as the SLPP candidate, should not be replicated in the present politics of this once bread-basket of West Africa. The SLPP has wrecked our country’s economy and reduced our international standing in the world. It seems the SLPP can only offer criminals as candidates for president, as they have run out of options and the real intentions to get back into power is to continue their inept corruption, and finally confine our country into a stricken economic state. This is unacceptable and should not be allowed, as our country is now on-track  to once more regain its glory and rebuild its once battered infrastructure by reviving its economy, as the government of  President Ernest Bai Koroma position itself to deliver important and vital services that has been long overdue.

Julius Maada Bio took part in the overthrow of a sitting government, and then took power by force through a palace coup that saw him oust his colleague, Valentine Strasser, for reasons still not fully explained. He then assumed the leadership of a country that was left brutalised to the core with a huge economic and infrastructural deficit. It will be difficult for Sierra Leone to be taken seriously again in any world affairs or international deliberation, if the face of our country and the true representation of our people, is a man who has the blood of innocent men and women in his hands. The records are clear, and the facts apparent, that Maada Bio presided over, along with others, the cold-blooded murder of several of Sierra Leone’s most illustrious sons and daughters.

Families and loved ones across the world are still mourning and coming to terms with the slaughter of their sons, fathers, mothers, and brothers who were taken to the gallows after justice was denied to them when their crimes were only virtual, with no credence or evidence to substantiate their unwarranted convictions. The history of this wonderful country cannot be complete if what transpired then is not fully documented and the truth not revealed. The actions of a few should not be ignored as justice is important to be seen as done for these barbaric crimes committed by those who believe they were above the law, and had the right to prosecute and hand down sentences at will, without the due process of the law. Julius Maada Bio should face justice and be tried in the International Criminal Court of Justice for the heinous crimes he committed against the people of Sierra Leone.

The international criminal court is duty bound to open investigations into the conduct of the NPRC regime, then headed by Julius Maada Bio, as to the disappearance and brutal murder of hundred’s of people, some who were hanged without reason and others even reportedly tortured into making false confessions of crimes they never committed. The recent skirmishes in the provinces involving Maada Bio and his henchmen, where ruling party officials and premises were attacked and set on fire,  provides a poignant reminder of what is at stake, and reveals the violent nature of a man who strongly believes that the only way to take power is by force and brutal means. Bio ordered his supporters to unleash carnage and burn down the homes of APC officials as he demonstrated his true intentions to seek power once more in Sierra Leone. The fact that he went on a political campaign tour, when official campaigning has not even started yet, is clearly provocative and with intentions to cause mayhem and chaos.

The economic crimes perpetrated by Bio and his colleagues during their stint in power, left our country gasping for aid as the coffers were emptied and what was truly ours squandered to fund a lavish lifestyle of womanizing, booze and ostentatious mansions across the US and other parts of the world. The audacity to even contemplate leadership of our country with this background, is simply ludicrous, considering what the people already know about Bio. There is no credibility in the candidacy of Julius Maada Bio as the SLPP’s political gimmick is only an insult to the people of Sierra Leone, who know truly well what they endured for over ten years in the hands of a party and a group of scoundrels who diverted public funds for personal use.

Sierra Leone has now taken the path towards rebuilding itself and repairing the damage that it has endured over the years in the hands of unscrupulous SLPP and NPRC government officials, and is indeed fortunate to have as leader a man whose vision to see our country shift from its apparent continued need for foreign aid, to a country prosperous once again and self-sufficient as it engages the rest of the world with its credibility once again intact, is ever more apparent. As a nation, we cannot afford to slip once more, and Julius Maada Bio offers us nothing and we should not look forward to another NPRC era, instead we should all be resolved to ensure justice is done for those who were murdered in cold-blood to satisfy the greed and thirst for power of a few.


First published on Newstime Africa on 23 September, 2011 @ 10:41

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  1. Tarawali's

    May I take this opportunity to thank u for this renoun article. As we are currently and will continue to mourn our love one’s, can you please ask Maada to give an account of the death of Major Abu Tarawalie(then ADC) to Strasser. The one that handed Maada to his family not only as a colleague or friend but as a ‘Brother’. Please we just want to let him know that Abu is not at rest until he confess because he is sending dreams to people.

  2. Mohamed Sheriff

    Mr Kamara, I did not have time to read all of your article. It is not only too long a story but it is too repetetive of what I have being hearing from relatives of the former APC government. I do not sanction killings of anybody, neither do I rejoice over the death of anyone. I however, urge you to do another article about our own relatives who were not partisan; but could not get the appropriate protection from the then APC government that was in power. When Bambay and others were told about the Bomaru attack, they ( APC ) sent in an old lanrover with few soldiers (who eventually died), as they could not stand the RUF onslaught. Momoh and others told the world that RUF was a bunch of hungry people fetching food in Sierra Leone ! To be continued !

  3. Maada Bio seem to be taking the people of S/leone for granted. He should not go unpunished for stealing money from the public funds through his brother Stiv Bio’s business and killing innocent people. Its à shame if SLPP have no other Reliable person except Bio to contence for presidency . APC is not up to what we expecting But going down that road with SLPP is suicidial.

  4. Abdul Rahim Kamara

    The International Criminal Court (ICC) unfortunately cannot open investigations into Maada Bio’s involvement in extra-judicial killings and other human rights abuses that occurred in Sierra Leone during the NPRC era.The court can only look at crimes committed after it came into existence and does not have retroactive powers of investigation and prosecution.One wonders though at the foot dragging in the matter of the proposed inquest into the extra-judicial killing of 29 people by the NPRC regime where Bio was a principal player.

  5. I do not support any political party in Sierra Leone, but few questions I want to ask is: Where are the SLPP PR officers and party advisers????, and why nobody in the SLPP voice their concern about Bio’s candidacy for the 2012 presidential election????. It was a risky decision, and I think the SLPP is going to face serious challenges in the upcoming election which will eventually lead them to the wilderness for another 4-5 years in opposition.

    Bio and Strasser has too many bloods in their hands, and anyone who associate themselves with this two people, has very short memory of what they did to our country, and the innocent lives that were lost as a result of their inexperience to unite, and bring together a nation that was already in ruins and divided after S.P. Stevens and J. S. Momoh.

    To round up – I think Bio’s present position in the SLPP is simply a blessings for the ruling APC party, and a curse to the SLPP party and its supporters. Hope SLPP will make a wise decision the next time they are choosing a leader for their party.

  6. @ sheku i support all you said except that you mentioned Bio and Strasser that they have blood on their hands. Bio , of cause we all know. Can You bring to light that of Strasser?

  7. Waht is done in the dark shall come to light.It is a process and the process has started.Nuff with impunity and Lording it over the people of Sierra Leone!


    it’s about time this coward,idiot,back stabber,A**hole,motherf***er faces the law for all what he did to our lovely country SIERRA LEONE.

  9. Benjamin Sidique

    Sierra Leoneans it is time for us to be aware of the threat pose before us. Maada Bio is a murderer, an impersonator by giving himself a brigadier title, and a disgrace to society. Lets think for our children and their children’s future….what will it be like in the next five to ten years if we make this great mistake by allowing Bio to be our president….give a thought to the word president, the president of any nation is the first citizen of the country and if that president don’t have prestige how can he progress successfully with our daily affairs. Remember “HOW U PRED U BADE,,,,, NA SO U GO LADOM DAE” Sierra Leoneans let forget about tribalism and sectionalism and honestly chose what will push our beloved country to success and prosperity. If you don’t know, immediately he (Bio) was elected as flag bearer for SLPP the president of the United States issue our a press release that they will not tolerate any war victim in America. Do you know what that mean?? trouble. This guy is a disgrace to our nation especially at this time when we are trying to gain international recognition and rebuilding our rubble .

  10. h ben-carew

    bio should never hold public office in our land so to be president is out of it . he is a thief tribalistic and a self impose brigadier.by gods grace he will perish before he died the guy is evil.he was information minister under NPRC when kawuta dumbuya,salamin coker and the rest were brutaly murdered he has blood in his hands.all what he knows is violence . he should stand trial.

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