President Bingu Wa Mutharika names his new cabinet and appoints his wife as Minister in Malawi

President Bingu wa Mutharika - names new cabinet

Lilongwe  (September 07, 2011) – Following a civil society plea to Malawi president Bingu wa Mutharika to reduce his cabinet in order to save government expenditure, Mutharika this afternoon through the Office of the President and Cabinet, named his 31 member cabinet. The new cabinet is made up of nine people against the previous one of 42 members. Meanwhile, the president has included his wife as minister of Safe Motherhood despite widespread condemnation by the opposition and civil society to have the first lady draw from government purse for doing charitable work. The first lady receives MK1 million for her charity ventures but the civil society has warned that if this is not reviewed, Malawians will go for a nationwide demonstration which among other things demands to know the sudden richness of the president himself seven years after coming to power.

Below is the list of the ministers.

1. Bingu Wa Mutharika:  Commender in chief Army, police, coordinator for NGOs, Head of Civil service and overseer of Disasters

2. Callista Mutharika:  Safe Motherhood

3. Nicholas Dausi: deputy in the Office of the President and Cabinet

4. Peter Mutharika:  Foreign Affairs

5. Goodal Gondwe: Natural Resources

6. Vera Chilewani: deputy

7. George Chaponda: Education

8. Otiria Jere deputy higher education

9. Wictor Songazaudzu Sajeni: deputy

10. Ken Lipenga: Finance

11. Cornelius Mwalwanda: deputy

12. Peter Mwanza: Agriculture and Water Development

13. Magaret Mauwa: deputy

14. Kingsley Namakhwa: deputy

15. Ephraim Chiume: Justice and Constitutional Affairs

16. Sidik Mia: Transport and Infrasture Development

17. Catherine Gotani: Hara deputy

18. Henry Mussa: Local Govnt and Rural Development

19. Chimango Mughogho: deputy

20. Patria Kaliati Information and Civic Education

21. John Bande: Trade

22. Yunus Mussa: Housing and Urban Development

23. Rev Christopher Ngwira: deputy

24. Aaron Sangala Internal: (Home) Affairs and Defence

25. Reen Kachere: Gender and Children Affairs

26. Nazil Patel: deputy

27. Daniel Liwimbi: Tourism

28. Lucius Kanyumba: Labour

29 Vuwa Kaunda: Youth Sports, Culture

30. Dr. Jean Kalilani: Health and Population

31. Ralph Jooma deputy

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  1. this is not a very good cabinet as i expected why living out sosten gwengwe, ken kandodo,anna kachikho, why taking vuwa kaunda, songa za udzu why why why.

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