Mutambara Attacks China’s Exploitation of Africa

Arthur Mutambara

Arthur Mutambara - Zimbabwe Deputy Prime Minister

“Africa was sick and tired of having its natural resources exploited by China and getting little in return; we are sick and tired of the old model, where China comes to Africa and extracts raw materials and goes back to China” These are the powerful words of the Deputy Prime Minister of Zimbabwe, Arthur Mutambara, when he gave an interview to the Reuters news agency recently.

Zimbabwe has long enjoyed a close relationship with China but this did not stop the unprecedented attack by the Deputy Prime Minister. Mutambara went on to tell the news agency that Zimbabwe will no longer produce raw materials for China as they will now demand that china come on Zimbabwe’s terms as partners. “We want to manufacture cars with China in Zimbabwe. We want to manufacture computers with China in Zimbabwe”. This is a serious blow to China ahead of its meeting with African leaders at the Sino-African summit scheduled to take place in Egypt later this year. China sees itself as a major player in the continent and has managed to forge close relationships with some of Africa’s most putrescent leaders.

Mutambara who is on a trip to China to attend the World Economic Forum, has requested assistance for Zimbabwe from the world’s powerful nations and urged donor countries to help rebuild the country’s dilapidated infrastructure to help ease unemployment. He called on China to help capitalize Zimbabwean banks so that the country can invest in agriculture.

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  1. Ibn Battuta

    Beware of the chinese invasion in the economics and politics… already chinese farmers and miners are taking over the native´s workforce instead of providing jobs to the locals. Chinese are the masters of deception: you think they are helping you, but in fact, they are trying to make use of you. Thank God there is a man who has opened his eyes-!

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