Nigeria’s Borno State Governor urges Islamists to accept a ceasefire

Borno State Governor - Kashim Shettima

Kashim Shettima, the  governor of the northern Nigerian state of Borno which was rocked by bomb and shooting attacks blamed on radical Islamists, has urged them to accept a ceasefire and embrace dialogue with authorities. Governor Shettima, called on members of the Boko Haram sect that have in recent weeks stepped up bomb and drive-by shooting attacks in the state capitalMaiduguri to lay down arms and open talks with his government. “Once again, I wish to beseech my brothers in the Jama?atul ahlul sunnah lidda?awati wal jihad to lay down their arms and come and dialogue with us, for indeed this is the only way we can move our beleaguered state forward,” he said in a television broadcast.

He was using the name preferred by Boko Haram. “Our doors are open for constructive dialogue and a speedy resolution to this state of insecurity,” said Shettima, who assumed office on May 29. He also appealed to fleeing residents to stop their exodus from the troubled city. Thousands of residents have fled the city in recent days over alleged rights violations by soldiers. “This administration is seriously and sincerely concerned about the plight of our people and the rate at which people are leaving the state capital in search of safer zones. “May I, therefore, seize this opportunity to appeal to our people not to flee, as government is making every effort to contain the situation and restore normalcy,” Shettima said.

Shettima had on assumption of office made overtures to sect members and offered amnesty to those who renounced violence, an offer that received the blessing of President Goodluck Jonathan. Boko Haram had in 2009 waged a short-lived armed uprising in the north in a doomed bid to establish an Islamic state which was crushed in a brutal military assault that left hundreds dead. Sect members that survived regrouped and resorted to shoot-and-run and bomb attacks against police and military personnel, community and religious leaders, politicians, public buildings, beer gardens, churches and a prison. The sect has concentrated the attacks in Maiduguri where the military onslaught against the sect took place.

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  1. UmarFarouk Kabir

    We shoul always be careful with comments that is capable of creating violence. once there is violence innocent souls are always the target more especially in Nigeria. The selected Nigerian authoraty is only there to earn salaries not to establish laws that ordinary citizens would find it easy to earn his living. For this donkey that called others cowards, does he think he will go free? if he survive it can he protect others?
    And this pig that called other peoples’ children drug adicts, are his children not drug adicts? they commit gravious offence than other peoples’ children.
    my mama said a word is enough for a fool, wise man don’t need a word.
    It is too late for monkey to said he is not greed, when it can be easily cought with ordinary peenut

  2. UmarFarouk Kabir Kawo

    ceasefire in Borno State is a wellcome idea, but my question here is how honest the Selected govt is? the Got. came to power through election rigging. they take promise without fulfilling, eg. issue if power suppy.
    they arrest and killed a suspect without any trial eg the killing of Yusuf Muhammed. They sent troops to quench a violence, the troops turns to be the enermies of residents. The Govt. is aware of the rapping, turture and killing and could not stop it. How merciless is this Govt.? The mominated and selected executive should be charge by ICC, because they are worst that Burundis’ Executives of 90s that almost eleminated Tusis.
    the Govt. to my understanding has a hidding agenda, they will use they opportunity during the ceasefire and continue to kill the innocent ones.
    they are not targeting the Boko Harams, they are affraid to face them for physical combart. they retreat when they heard Boko Harams are advancing

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