Gunshots in Gabon as Looting and Violence Continues

Curfew in Gabon

Curfew in Gabon

There has been widespread and violence in Port Gentil, Gabon’s second city with looting and buildings being set on fire. 2 people were killed on Thursday as the violence erupted following the announcing of the Presidential election results. Buildings that were set on fire included the Total Oil Company building which prompted the oil company to expatriate staff and their families from Gabon’s industry hub Port Gentil to the capital Libreville.

The protesters burnt down a sports and social club owned by the oil giant overnight. The French Consulate also came under attack. Despite the night-time curfew the violence continued through the night until Friday morning.

The violence started after Ali Ben Bongo, the son of Gabon’s late leader, Omar Bongo, was declared the winner of the Presidential elections. Police had to use tear gas to break up crowds of looters and residents who had gathered in the city’s center to protest against the damage done to properties. Police also arrested over fifty people as petrol stations were destroyed and shops were pillaged.

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