Politics in shambles – Sierra Leone’s opposition SLPP party not fit for purpose

SLPP Chairman Oponjo Benjamin

There was a time when the SLPP was a serious political party. It was the party thousands queued-up to secure membership for. Then, it was the crème de la crème of our country’s political make-up, but now, it has been reduced to a group of scoundrels whose combined resume paints a nasty picture of greed, embezzlement, treason and mismanagement of our precious resources. The founding fathers of this once great political union will be turning in their graves as chaos, ignorance and chastisement grips the leadership of this now defunct opposition group. Life in the SLPP is no more what it used to be. Those who preside over the affairs of the SLPP have been accused of incompetence, and have turned the party into an animal farm, where only the rich and strong survive and the poor and weak melt into oblivion. A farm where a onetime coup conspirator spells out his intention to run for president as he speaks to a room filled with pot-inhalers with the hope of getting his message dead into their brains.  A farm where all the green grass has been consumed by those who can part with the biggest stash of dough. A farm where all the water has dried up, as there are no more wells to dig.

The farm is packed with expired political minds who have outgrown their usefulness and can only contribute ‘roto-rata’ and doomsday-politics as the SLPP once more faces unprecedented defeat at the polls by the APC. It is no coincidence that the All Peoples Congress party is set to clinch victory once more. Neither does one need a fortune teller to predict the outcome. The stage has been set by the very SLPP party in how they have conducted their own state of affairs. It is apparently in shambles, as in-fighting spells the political agenda and defines the process to regain power that has now shifted from manifesto to ‘dombolo’-politics where one candidate pays a newspaper editor to destroy the reputation of another,  and the other hires thugs to threaten the supporters of another candidate. The stakes are indeed high, as some who have  been fortunate to taste the trappings of power, seem hell-bent and determined to complete the unfinished attack on our country’s vault’s, that was vandalised and its contents diverted to personal use. As if the crimes already committed on our people by these lunatics was not sufficient, they want another opportunity to finally confine our country to lasting poverty.

There is no escape from the nasty past of these hoodlums who want to become leaders of our blessed country. The time has come to undress their greedy political agenda and expose them, and what they stand for – so that our countrymen will not be fooled into making a mistake we may never recover from. There is no reason to debate policies here – they have none – what has been displayed so far is ego-politics, character assassination, political prostitution, bribery, mismanagement, corruption and the list goes on. There has been no political expediency. The complete line-up of would be leaders have failed to impress. They have not convinced anyone about their capabilities to rule or govern. It has all been a question of who has the most money to challenge Ernest Koroma. Not about an Agenda for Change! The SLPP’s politics is not about substance  – it is about hiring incompetent PR specialists to do damage limitation for an already battered reputation.

The SLPP has no platform to stand on. No manifesto that makes sense. No ideas that the Sierra Leoneans people can buy. No agenda to improve our standard of living. Ladies and gentlemen, they had ten or more years to turn things round and they failed us. They squandered what was truly ours. They abused our political system They ruined our international reputation. The ordered ECOMOG forces to kill us at random and former president Kabbah even went further, he said if only one person is left alive in Sierra Leone, he will still rule the country. Political greed at its best – disregard of our human rights at its utmost. A dangerous precedence that we as citizens should never allow to happen again in our country. We should never mortgage our rights in exchange for the greed of a few. This is not the time to ponder what political party we should support. There is only one choice. We have witnessed first-hand how a political party should run a government. We have seen our country progressing, and roads being built, free health care, electricity for all, new factories, free education for our kids, meals ready to roll out to all school going children, new hospitals being built, biggest investment in our mining industry, efficient taxation, improved revenue collection, serious anti-corruption agenda, transparency and accountability at the very heart of good governance, etc. etc.! And this is all what the SLPP want to squander again with play-cook politics? Spreading lies about the APC government and its leader – distorting the true picture of what is happening on the ground?

I have news for you all, the SLPP want you to believe that the high cost of living is as a result of bad-governance on the part of the APC. Maybe you don’t know this, Tony Blair, the former British Prime Minister, has a team on the ground. You know what they do as full time job? To ensure transparency, good-governance and accountability from government. And guess what? They even have a team at state house. And who invited them to have a hands-on in governance? Well you guessed it right, our dynamic president Ernest Bai Koroma. And just in case you forget – he is also the leader of the APC!!  Ladies and gentlemen the cost of living is biting all of  the world’s people. Even here in Britain people are complaining and having a difficult time making ends meet. I can assure you, it is not the fault of the Ernest Koroma government. If anything, Sierra Leone now boasts one of the best governance structure in sub-Saharan Africa. Stakeholders like the DFID; U.N. and  the AGI will not sit by and see this government mess up. They have observers on the ground. Let no one fool you. They have invested their tax payers money in our country and if the APC government has not been up to its job, they will be the first to let you know. But you must also know, that some of the austerity measures the government of Ernest Koroma had to take, were as a result of IMF and stakeholders demands to ensure a sound political footing that will see growth in our economy soon. Sometimes things have to get difficult to get better.

But there is no doubt that our country is in the best political hands. We don’t want to trade that for the foolish alternatives the SLPP has to offer. The SLPP must get its act together before contemplating on assuming the leadership of our country. Governance of Sierra Leone is not a small-boy business. It is for real men who know how to play the game!!!!


First published on Newstime Africa on 26 May, 2011


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  1. Thank you very much you have said it all, and nothing left to be said. I love your article. it is really good and I enjoy much. You have said the truth and may god bless you sir.
    From the Voice of Peace,
    Umaru Jalloh,
    Atlanta APC Chapter President

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