Fighting Continues in Mogadishu as Insurgents Attack AU Forces

Insurgents in Mogadishu

Insurgents in Mogadishu

African Union peacekeepers clashed with Islamist rebels in Mogadishu leaving 22 dead. Rebels had launched a pre-dawn attack on an African union base. They also attacked some government troops. The fighting continued through the morning as residents took shelter in their homes as they were being pounded by mortar shells and bullets flying in the air. The fighting continued and hospital officials say that apart from the dead, over 40 people were treated for wounds.

Somalia has become a haven for islamist terrorists whose aim is to plan and plot attacks accross the horn of Africa region. Battles between pro-government militia and rebel group al-shabaab have continued across the central and southern regions of Somalia. The rebels are claiming that Ethiopian forces are fighting along pro-government militia.

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