Presidential elections in Tanzania as Jakaya Kikwete is set for a second-term re-election

President Jakaya Kikwete - Set for re-election

Jakya Kikwete must be reflecting on the progress that has taken place in his country since he assumed power as Head of State of this East African Country. KIkwete stands out as one of the most respected African leaders of our generation and he is soon to discover that his work has been fully recognised by his countrymen, Tanzanians are geared to vote in numbers for a man who has carried on the program of development initiated by the founding father of the nation, Julius Kambarage Nyerere. Tanzania has once more regained its rightful place in the community of nations.

The ruling Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) party has a legacy, one that has been enshrined on sustainability of good governance, tolerance and economic development. The CCM has been Tanzania’s ruling party since the country won independence from Britain in 1961. The elections are expected to result in a second term for incumbent President Jakaya Kikwete. More than 19 million Tanzanians are eligible to vote in Sunday’s presidential and parliamentary polls. Well over  400,000 people on the semi-autonomous Zanzibar Island will also choose leaders under a new power-sharing agreement. Opinion polls show Jakya  Kikwete maintaining a massive lead over the six other presidential candidates. President Kikwete of the ruling CCM Party is pledging to reduce poverty and improve health care, education and transportation.

According to the registrar of political parties in Tanzania, John Tendwa  “All political parties are ready for elections. The presidential candidates are now winding (down) their rallies and give whatever statements they want to give the electorate. The parliamentarians and local government counselors are also in line. The citizens of the country are very eager to vote on Sunday,”  He also said that a host of international elections observers are already in the country to monitor Sunday’s vote. “What we are praying on is that the election be run smoothly without any violence or a breach of the peace. And we are sure that we are going to make it successful,” he said. Another term for Kikwete will guarantee continuity of the development agenda being implemented across the country by a man whose commitment to his people can only be matched by his resilience to free his country from poverty and reliance on foreign aid.

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