Omar Al-Bashir is too scared to attend the African Union summit in Uganda

The accused war criminal and current president of Sudan, Omar Al-Bashir, is too afraid to attend the AU summit in Kampala. Even though a last minute invitation was extended to him by president Yoweri Museveni, the ICC’s wanted man has not even sent a delegation to the summit. He seems to be worried stiff that he will be arrested as Uganda is a signatory to the ICC.

Despite an AU resolution urging African states not to arrest the leader wanted for genocide, the Sudanese leader couldn’t take chances as the US could easily order his arrest. There has been a rift between Sudan and Uganda after President Yoweri Museveni refused to attend Bashir’s swearing-in after disputed elections, but visited Juba for the inauguration of South Sudan President Salva Kiir, Bashir’s deputy. The ICC included the offence of genocide this month to charges issued last year against Bashir of war crimes and crimes against humanity in the war-torn Darfur region where the United Nations estimates a humanitarian crisis has claimed 300,000 lives since a 2003 revolt by rebels demanding more wealth and power.

Apparently, the AU has accused the court of double standards and of targeting the continent. A draft AU resolution told member states not to arrest Bashir. The ICC is accusing Bashir of the innocent slaughter of thousands of Sudanese citizens. African countries should adhere to international law especially after signing up to it. A man like Bashir should never be permitted in the midst of Heads of States gathering for an important summit like the AU. Protecting Bashir does not serve the interest of African countries. Those calling for him not to be arrested should hang their heads in shame. This is not about the ICC being obsessed with prosecuting Africans and ignoring war criminals on other continents, this is about the seriousness of the crimes committed here. African leaders should not put such feeble excuses ahead of the seriousness of what has happened in Sudan. Bashir should be arrested and tried for crimes against his people!

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  1. steve

    Why eill Africa abide by the so called international laws while western powers who are mostly guilty of similar crimes they accuse Africa leaders of, constantly ignore the law when it affects them? The US has been killing innocent people in Afghanistan, Iraq etc since the days of dictator Bush and now Obama, the ICC has not deemed it fit to indict BUsh and his co-war crime criminals. Pls, let’s be objective in our write ups!!!

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