Military plot to disrupt Guinea’s upcoming run-off elections uncovered

Authorities in the West African State of Guinea say they have uncovered an armed plot to destabilize the second round of voting in the presidential election meant to return the country to civilian government. The country’s Prime Minister, Jean Marie Dore, said that authorities had uncovered what they suspect was an armed plot to disrupt the second round of voting in country’s landmark presidential election.

The country’s current army chief, Colonel Nouhou Thiam, while addressing soldiers said those responsible have been arrested and are talking to authorities about their plans to disrupt the second round of voting. He says they were young. He says they are being held in good conditions. Colonel Thiam says the winner of the elections will emerge democratically. He says if you are in the army and want to engage in politics, abandon your uniform because the army must remain neutral.

Elections in Guinea is intended to return the country to civilian government, after a military coup in December 2008. Members of the military and the transitional government organizing the elections were barred from running. The army chief called for soldiers to remain committed to their mission during the transition process. He went on to say that soldiers must remain vigilant and not give people the opportunity to create problems that would cast blame on the military. He says, even now, there are some in the military who try to divide and poison the rest, despite leader’s efforts to unify and educate soldiers.

Guinea remains a volatile political ground where tensions are still rife over the failed return of junta leader Captain Dadis Camara who has been forced to stay in exile after an attempted assassination on his life that has left him scarred with bullet wounds. Dadis Camara comes from a major tribe in Guinea who believe they have been isolated from Guinean politics for too long.

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