Sierra Leone becomes a tourist hotspot and the country is set to reclaim its crown again as the Athens of West Africa

Sierra Leone – Land of Beauty

The West African country of Sierra Leone is witnessing a dramatic change of fortune. Tourists from the UK, US, European and Asian countries are making the capital Freetown their prime holiday destination after tour operators recently discovered the huge tourist potential this small African country has to offer. Thousands of tourists are booking flights long in advance for upcoming holidays as news begin to filter around the tourist world about this little holiday gem that is poised to take the world by storm.

The Sierra Leone government is taking steps to meet the sudden rise in demand for hotel rooms and resorts that are geared for an overwhelming influx of visitors this summer. This government has worked very hard to showcase the potential of its country and recently held an investment conference where the world’s leading investors were presented with a showcase of what this country has to offer

Little did the world knew that the most beautiful beaches with pure white sands and untouched coastline were located on this Portuguese discovered land of beauty.  The immaculately trimmed natural harbour is one of the most visible landmark of the country’s beauty as one enters the coastline of this small paradise. Sierra Leone’s beauty was first discovered by a Portuguese explorer, Pedro Da Cinta, by accident. And the country’s history documented how this explorer thought he had taken the wrong route to another part of Europe. He had to contend with the geographical position of his compass and come to terms with the fact that he must be witnessing a miracle. He was face to face with one of the most beautiful discoveries of his navigational tour around the world.

Not only does the country provide an unprecedented natural beauty to its visitors, it matches it’s amazing scenery with an untapped precious mineral deposit that boasts some of the finest Diamonds ever mined in the world. The Star of Sierra Leone is one of the largest and  most beautiful diamond the world has ever seen. In fact oil has just been discovered in a country that is already a leading exporter of Bauxite and Iron Ore.

5 star hotels employ a tantalizing scenery as one tours the blue-sea coated sandy beaches. The sudden calmness that greets the visitor would leave an awesome temptation to make you think you have accidentally landed in paradise. Visitors might be tempted to overstay their visas and are highly advised to make proper consular arrangements. Sierra leone has some of the most beautiful women in the world with curvelines that make models at the New York Fashion show look like a joke!

This dramatic transformation the world is witnessing has been largely due to the unflinching commitment by the country’s Head of State who has identified the key benefits of an overhaul in the country’s tourist industry. The government’s commitment to tourism cannot be over-emphasised. President Ernest Bai Koroma is ensuring that tourism plays a significant part in his Agenda for Change and is lobbying very hard that stakeholders  make the development of the country’s tourism industry a priority.

Sierra Leone’s President Koroma has backed plans to make the 75,000-hectare Gola Forest his country’s second national park, and thus protecting more than 50 mammal species including leopards, chimps and forest elephants, 2,000 different plants and 274 species of bird of which 14 are close to extinction. The area, close to the Liberian border, will become the flagship site in a new national park network with local communities paid annually to replace royalties linked to logging and diamond mining in the forest.

The European Commission and French government are both contributing more than £3 million towards the training of more than 100 staff to patrol Gola’s boundaries, monitor wildlife and run education programmes. Scientists will be encouraged to study the wildlife of the area which is expected to become a hub for eco-tourism in the country. President Koroma is planning to establish six more national parks in Sierra Leone to develop tourism as the country prepares to fully embrace eco-tourism.

Visitors are assured of a pleasant trip and a beautiful stay as the infectious warmth and kindness of the people will surely leave an indelible impression that will see the return of many in holydays to come.


First published on Newstime Africa – March 17, 2011.

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  1. Diam

    His Excellency Dr Koroma, assisted by his able Minister Hindolo Trye, is doing all his best to attract the tourists to Sierra Leone.Several Hotels are to be construction this year, and dozens of new restaurants have already been opened.
    Roads are good, Lungi airport will be reconstrucred free by Chinese and Irish companies and public transportation is very good.Security in Salone is the best in Africa, and Salone has already been certified as the ROLE MODEL by many international personalities

  2. You are indeed a Careerist with Moralities in your profession.Your Nationalist Tendencies are manifested in your articles read most of the times by some of us.If the tourist industry is given the support it deserved,with the Gola forest reserve in the south and east together with good roads.I.E. MAKENI-KONO high-way.KENEMA-JENDEMA high-way and KENEMA-KAILAHUN Then our tourist industry will definately BOOM.The Africana TOKEH VILLAGE and surrounding tourist RESORT centers with the PENNISULAR Road as a major priority for the industry,the sky will be the limit.Thanks for your efforts. FB.NYANGO.

  3. Donald Hanciles

    Kudos to tourism minster Trye and all the hospitality personal in Sierra Leone for a job well done.

  4. alimamy

    what a happy moment for me to see my beloved sierra leone trying to get up from root level, that’s great

  5. Alhaji Ibrahim Tunkara

    I am always proud of my country,Sierra Leone,especially when good news are published in a credible Sierra Leonean news website pertaining developmental issues that are taking place in our motherland.Tourism development is a major area,jobs can be created especially for the unemployed youths and it plays a significant role in building up our depressed economy.

  6. Alhaji Ibrahim Tunkara

    I am glad that tourism is back again in playing a major role towards the development of the country’s economy.

  7. I love my country sierra leone and i hope any tourism that goes on there
    is for the good of the people and not a corrupting influence or one of exploitation.
    There are some NEGATIVE ASPECTS of tourism that we must be vigilant against.
    toks ilorin

  8. Alpha Kamara(Lash)

    Am always pround of my beloved country no matter what the situtation is am so so pround of my Mother land Sierra Leone, even name always makes me smile.
    some times the politician in my country try to to corrupt my land bot i will alwas stand and fight for my land not be useing the guns bot by making songs.
    Am also happy for some of the tourist that do visit my country they makes lot of changes interact with us and try there best to help.
    Please all tourist Sierra Leone is now one of the peacefull country that you will love to see and exploy. Thanks and hope to see you soon.

  9. chantelle

    Praise the Lord,We thank God at long last our sweet Salone is being reconised as a peaceful and safe country for tourist to visit. We as Sierra Leoneans should be advocating on behalf of our country letting people know that it is as beautiful as the people are friendly.

  10. Ahmad Ibrahim kamara

    Bravo President Koroma for making our Sweet Mama salone a paradise on earth, its nice to note that sierra leone will host Tourist of various nationalities this year, what a very good boost for the sierra leone economy.

  11. I am from Las Vegas and visited Sierra Leone when 1st Mother Koroma passed in July 2012. My purpose for my visit was to engage with the GoSL & First Family to foster economic development to include Tourism development especially No# 2 River Beach. We are bringing together a US economic development team to enter Sierra Leone and assist in the strengthening of the SL economy… we expect great success.


    what a wonderful news for all be love Sierra laoneans, God have offer us a good and brilliant leader who is ready to transform our nation from wrost to excellent country in the world. So lets embrace our selves and escort this leader and transform this nation to the agenda for prosperity for all Sierraleonean for the feature of our children. No place like home.
    From Musa Kargbo

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