James Ibori Arrested and Then Freed by Police in Dubai

James Ibori - Arrested and then freed

James Ibori, a powerful Nigerian political powerbroker, has reportedly been freed on bail in Dubai, where he was arrested on corruption charges. Ibori a former governor of the oil-rich Delta state, is accused of stealing $290m by Nigeria’s EFCC anti-corruption agency. He was asked to surrender his passport to ensure he does not leave the country, officials say.  The chairwoman of Nigeria’s Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), Faridi Waziri, said Ibori was taken into custody after an arrest warrant was issued by international police agency Interpol.

Officials in the UK and Nigeria want to try him on corruption charges, which he denies. The anti-corruption police in Nigeria attempted to take Ibori into custody last month to question him over allegations that 44 billion naira was looted from Delta state government coffers while he was governor from 1999 to 2007. A group of Mr Ibori’s supporters attacked police and prevented them from arresting him in his home town of Oghara.

The EFCC said it would also bring new charges against Ibori, but would not elaborate. Questions are being are asking how he managed to leave the country and travel to Dubai. Ibori’s spokesman Tony Eluemunor said the former governor had been freed on bail.

James Ibori is a senior figure in Nigeria’s ruling People’s Democratic Party (PDP) and played a key role in the 2007 presidential election victory of Umaru Yar’Adua. But a few of Ibori’s associates are facing money laundering charges in Britain, where a court froze $35 million of his assets in August 2007 on suspicion they were the proceeds of corruption. Ibori has not yet been charged in that case. The former state governor has maintained the charges against him are born out of political rivalry at the heart of the PDP.

It is a fact that under the Nigerian federal system, state governors enjoy wide powers. Those running oil-rich states have budgets larger than those of some African countries.  State Governors immunity from prosecution while in power, but several have faced corruption charges since leaving office after the last election in 2007.  It will be difficult to predict the outcome of the Dubai matter, but knowing how powerful Ibori is within Nigerian politics, it wouldn’t come as a surprise to see him re-surface in Nigeria next week!

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  1. It is clear that the British cannot function without black wealth and is now harassing the man to try and validate in some way the ongoing trial of the IBori associates in London.
    Clearly from a legal point of view the Nigerian courts had said that he did not do anything wrong and is a free man .
    What is Britains own when the courts themselves in Britain are 419ers. True . NOt only do they operate under SECTION 19 C of the Race Relations Amendment ACT 2000 which is a Human Rights violations – it allows JUDGES and the British COURTS to discriminate against blacks and ethinic minorites . whether British or non British True. question if they dont do justice for black britons why would they do justice for black Africans/Nigerians – they will not .
    It is disputed anyway that the courts Her majesty’s service is a valid court as the queen has forefeited the Crown ( 1700 Settlements act ) by mixing with the Pope and all things papist. True.

  2. Hon. Ahmed Bello

    His Excellency, Chief James Ibori is a major player in the Nigerian political field, I see no reason why he travel out of the Country for fear of arrest. He can never go to jail, anywhere in the world. The Interpol received a call from a Crown Prince in Abh Dahbi and our dear Ibori was immediately released on bail. That’s called POWER!

  3. avalanche

    Mind-boggling write-up bro. This valuable is just a totally nicely structured write-up, just the information and facts I was seeking pertaining to. I am grateful

  4. oromafuru raphael

    the ex- governor of delta state chief james onanefe ibori is a strong politician in africa and also a distributor of money in africa. He like helping both poor and riched people in africa. He is a man that likes the truth of everything.his yes is yes and his no is no. And that is why he always do with force and power in life. In conclusion, ibori is a nice man to us nigerians.

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