Eritrean Rebel Groups Determined to Remove President

Eritrean President - Isaias Afwerki

According to an opposition leader, Eritrean rebel groups are building a joint military front to depose a government they say is pursuing ethnic persecution and becoming a growing threat to regional security. The Red Sea Afar Democratic Organisation (RSADO) — one of many opposition movements based in nearby Ethiopia — said the government of President Isaias Afwerki targets ethnic groups, such as the Afars, and will soon face military attacks.

The African nation allows no opposition groups inside the country and rights groups say thousands of political prisoners are detained in underground jails without charge. RSADO’s leader Ibrahim Haron said innocent Eritreans are being hunted down like animals and this has to stop. According to him during the past two years the Eritrean government has killed at least 300 innocent Eritrean ethnic Afars and hundreds of others are in secret jails, or whereabouts unknown. The Afars live mainly in northern Ethiopia but also in neighbouring Eritrea and Djibouti.

According to the government, rebel groups are traitors who have belittled the struggle: a 30-year war for independence fought and won against much larger and better funded Ethiopian forces

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  1. jim

    Would anybody do something about this bizzare regime? Just get rid of these criminals; the worst enemies of their own people.

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