Eritrea Denies Supporting Militant Groups in Somalia

President of Eritrea - Isaias Afewerki

The government of Eritrea has quickly reacted to criticism from the United Nations that it is assisting the Somali militant group of Al-Shabbab and other insurgent groups that has been opposed to the transitional federal government allied to former UIC commander and current President of Somalia Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed. Late last year the United Nations imposed an arms embargo and other sanctions to Isaias Afewerki’s regime. The resolution was backed by 13 votes to 15. China abstained while Libya, the only Arab council member, voted against. The country suspended its membership of the African Union in protest at the call for sanctions in April.

In a report that is before the United Nations security general and is to be debated within this week,  there are claims that Eritrea has deliberately continued supporting the extremists in the horn of Africa nation mostly in 2009. However in a counter attack on Monday, Eritrea’s Foreign Ministry described the allegation as “concocted, baseless and unfounded”, adding: “It is indisputable that Eritrea had not and would never extend any support to Somali armed groups. “The government of Eritrea challenges those quarters indulging in utterly baseless allegations through fabricating and disseminating naked lies in the name of the U.N.”

Eritrea repeated its call for hard evidence to be presented publicly and demanded an independent platform allowing it to respond. The UN has frequently expressed concern about the flow of arms in to Somalia, where hardliners Islamists of Al-Shabbab and Hizbul-Islam are battling with government forces for control of the capital Mogadishu. Somalia has been subject to a UN arms embargo for many years, but weapons are still freely available in the Mogadishu weapons market. Somalia has been without a functional government since 1991 after Mogadishu warlords toppled Siad Bare’s regime that has left the country in catastrophe.

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  1. Sure

    I don’t think Somalia need any weapon from Eritrea while the US and Ethiopia is flooding with tonnes of weapons. How came the UN-US charges Eritrea with while they are doing it themself. Who is going in and out in Somalia as they wishes everyday – Ethiopia. Who is helping the so call internationaly recoginzed government (but not recognized by his own people – that is why the he needed to be gaurded from his own people by the so call strong African AU army) — the US. Africa do you see the mockery here or are we going to be played all the time and then turn around blame our problem on the WEST or US. We allow them to play into our back yard, we allow them to stab our own people and then we turn and blam them. How about for change start looking into solving African problem ourselve. So far we are just been played- Who run Africa – the WEST and if some of us — try to do things for our selve and people (like Eritrea) – you have the whole gangs of AFRICA turning against you and they we going to blame the WEST for this too – right. My message here is to my AFRICAN BROTHERs and SISTERs is – wake up and start thinking. Stop been played. We can do solve our problem – we are all brothers and sisters – after all we live in the same ship or boat. We live in Africa.

    Peace out.

    • jim

      Free the people: the journalist, the Members of Parliament, the religious minorities, all those thousands of BROTHERs & SISTERs you’ve locked up in your dungeons without evidence and due process of the law. Then, we will talk.

      Long Live the U.N.

    • RedHerringAlert

      jim, all the things you said is a Red Herring.

      The issue here is whether the charges against Eritrea are true?

      However, like Sure said, “The US, Ethiopia, Uganda, Djibouti need to be sanctioned for violating the arms embargo on Somalia”

      The UN showed that is nothing but a Tool of the US when it sanctioned Eritrea in December.

      Susan Rice, US tool, said “Here’s a Christmas present to the Eritreans (meaning Eritrean-Americans, Eritreans-worldwide, Eritreans in Eritrea)” which was the sanctions.

      The Susan Rice has a hatred for Eritreans and Eritrean-Americans should call for her resignation.

      So jim, first Free the people in the US Jails, free Abu Mumia Jamal (Black(African) political prisoner in the US), and all the millions of BROTHERS and SISTERS locked up in America’s dungeons on trumped drug possession charges (crack vs cocaine sentence inequality). Give me a break jim, take that speck out of your eye and ram it in your mouth so you don’t continue to speak in double talk!

    • jim

      You’re a fool to compare innocent religious prisoners in your dungeons, without due process of the law; journalists and members of parliament in your torture chambers with trumped-up charges for excersising their fundamental rights with drug dealers. The shame is on you who support tyrants abusing their own people.

  2. Sure

    How is the US-UK or any other country allow to play and dictate what we do in AFRICA but we can’t even say one word about them and if we do — they make us pay by turning our brother against us. Africa – we need to wake up and our problem are not going anywhere. They are waiting to be resolved by AFRICAN — the WEST are not going to do that for you but they can help you complicate the problem and in your name they will mess up your brother and in return you get to stay in power. Brothers\Sisters – our children are waiting. This is not about Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya or this country or that country. We need to handle our problem – very slowly but surely. We need to tell the WEST – hands off – We need to force our government to work for us not for US-UK-WEST. We have brothers and sisters in the office that are messing up – they are destroying our children future and they are allowing our resources to be taken for free or a penny -in return they stay in power. Africa – Africa – our media is infltirated, our government works for other but not for AFRICAN people in general. We need to do something – AFRICA.

    • RedHerringAlert

      Susan Rice is not a Sister…she is a Sellout.
      Johnnie Carson is not a Brother…he is a Sellout.

      The reason they “let them take away” is because “them” is “Johnnie Carson and Susan Rice” . They are part of political power structure therefore their interests in gaining wealth and “status” trumps their concerns for Africans in America or worldwide.

      It’s time that we recognize and change up the strategy and deal with Sellouts as no different than the oppressor. So putting a “brown”face in office won’t change nor stop us from moving up and advancing in this world. Just have no fear in taking action towards developing and empowering ourselves!

      People that are pessismist or downers or defenders of the corrupt and illegitimate power structure in africa and the western world well…To Hell with them.

    • DY

      Sure,..well said. We need to put our effort for our interest only. For them it has been like money talks. Let’s replace corrupted leaders on our own terms and support the peoples’ leaders.

  3. THT

    Where is the BEEF?

    The sanction is UNjust and illegal because it lacks evidence. All but allegations. Mind you… Eritrea never shares boundery with Somalia. American and France naval base are in djibouti with their sophisticated satellite and other intelligence systems. Mind you also the hundred of warship available on the cost of samalia to monitot piracy and other illegal weopon transfers.

    Now, how can Eritrea send weopons and ammunition to somalia to a level and degree of destabilizing it with out being detected or caught by these western invaders. There is no evidence of such activity or caught dead or alive in the process. But simply allegations. This is simply exagerating Eritrea’s ability just to serve their interest which is seeing Eritrea punished – if that is what they wanted.

    Once again Where is the Beef?
    Where is the hard and indisputable evidence?
    Why don’t make it public and allow Eritrea to respond to it?
    Why they want to keep it secret?
    Why the African Union ask UN for sanction with out providing evidence?
    Why the AU didn’t allow Eritrea to respond to the allegation, instead make the call with out any Eritrean representative?
    If the sanction was an African intiative, why CEN-SAD member states (a group of 28 African States) denounced the sanction the next day? How can it be an African call if just 28 out of the 54 contries rejected it automatically and a number of others follows after their promised evidence which will be available after they voted for sanction failed to show up.

    The funny part of it was, two weeks after imposing the santion, the UN sole body for somalia confessed that 80% of the weopons flowing in to Somalia by defying the arms embargo comes from Ethiopia and the African Peace keeping force in Somalia – not from Eritrea.

    So why accusing Eritrea selectively but not Ethiopia or other contries listed on the monitoring groups report? WHY?

    Any way It leaves many questions than answers.

    The sanction is illigal and must be Annulled today!! The law says “Innocent until proven guilty”

    UN is a mere tool serving for few world powers – they are the accusers, the witness and the Judges! What kind of world are we living in???????

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