Celebrating the Birthday of an African Dictator

Robert Mugabe - Birhday Bashing

Are the people of Zimbabwe really celebrating Robert Mugabe’s 86th Birthday? What is there to celebrate about this aberrant human form? Thirty years in power and nothing good to show for it. He is determined to cling on to power for the rest of his life despite embarrassingly losing an election to a more dignified and respectable opposition leader and refusing to hand over the reins of government. Mugabe is not only ruthless, he is incapable of showing remorse and lacks all human form of compassion. On close examination, it is possible that he has an inherent mental condition. Why? Because of all the abnormalities contained in his dispositions and behaviour. When the lust for power deprives anyone of a second thought faculty, you become your own victim. Because you lose control of your sanity as a result of your desperation to satisfy your ego-driven tendencies.

Mugabe’s behaviour has gone unabated by those who can stop him. The military stooges have been bribed for life to turn the other way. Senior ZANU-PF officials have been threatened of losing all luxury benefits if they show any dissent – they may even be killed or arrested and charges of treason fabricated to shut them up for life. Opposition parties are fully aware of the consequences of bringing this old dictator to book. Tsvangirai had no choice but to sign up to an uncomfortable partnership with this dangerous manipulator to avoid being killed albeit several attempts had already been made to silence him for good. Those who support Mugabe’s tyranny are as equally culpable as the man himself for all his crimes against the  people of Zimbabwe.

Mugabe cannot be compared to any other dictator in Africa. He came his own way – unique to the trade of murderers and abusers. There is not even a word strong enough in the dictionary to describe this power hungry fanatic. I admire his courage with all the backdrop of his shameless antics to attend and address regional and  international conferences and open his displaced dentures to speak about democracy and try to lecture the West on good governance. This only goes to validate all speculation about his mental condition. In the past, Mugabe had relied on his thugs of independence war veterans to rescue him from  political demise, but as age creeps in and as his medical condition worsens, it must begin to dawn on him that there are only a few aces left up his sleeves and that the game will soon be over.

At 86 he has asked for a fresh 5 year mandate to continue to plunder the resources of Zimbabwe and bring the economy to its knees. If he has any interest in the welfare of his people, knowing full well that he is the problem not the solution, he would have vacated the political scene. Mugabe says ZANU-PF wants him to die in office. Who makes the decisions within ZANU-PF? Only Mugabe! It is indeed absurd to assume otherwise. Zimbabwe is a sleeping state that needs to wake up and wash its eyes to see the damage that has been done to its structure. By the time the people of Zimbabwe realize what this man had done to them, it might be too late and probably difficult to recover. Mugabe’s continued presence in the political life of his country will only compound Zimbabwe’s problems and stifle economic recovery.

Mr Mugabe there is nothing to celebrate at 86. You have let your people down. You have allowed your greed and lust for power to interfere with your religious inclination which has not played any part whatsoever in your political and economic journey of destruction. But its not too late to call upon the years of religious education and allow common sense to prevail and make a dignified exit from the state of politics that will probably earn you a decent retirement package when the time comes.

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  1. wangu

    why say thugs of independence????????this is hypocrisy….are the American orces in Iraq and Afganistan thugs??Are the so called American war veterans thugs?????….i wonder

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