MSF: Indiscriminate Shelling Raises Number of Casualties in Somalia

Casualities in Somalia

Major hospitals in Somalia are desperate for supplies of essential drugs and facilities as fierce fighting that has gripped Somali’s capital, Mogadishu rages, raising the number of casualties. Medical humanitarian organization Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) says it has admitted at least 89 people suffering from blast at its Daynile facility in the last four days. Of these, 52 were women and children. For the past eight months Somalia’s lawless capital has been experiencing the heaviest armed confrontations to face yet with more than 9,000 civilian deaths counted since May last year. “The numbers of injured women and children that we received in just over 72 hours is not ‘collateral damage,’ it’s a total lack of regard for the safety of civilians.” says MSF Head of Mission Axelle de la Motte St. Pierre in a statement on Wednesday.

The statement further says that the situation in Mogadishu is incredibly complex and all parties are to blame for the high numbers of deaths and injuries, but indiscriminate shelling into densely populated areas is totally unacceptable. The UN estimates that at least 1.5 million Somalis are internally displaced while 3.7 million require humanitarian aid. In 2009, just under half of the 1,137 people admitted to Daynile Hospital suffering from blast injuries were women and children under the age of 14.   MSF calls on all belligerents, including the Transitional Federal Government (TFG), the African Union Peacekeeping force (AMISOM) and opposition groups to take all measures to minimize the risk of civilian casualties through a full implementation of the principles of distinction and proportionality.

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  5. Junaid I. Egale

    All these African Dictators want are money from the western governments, they surely don’t care about the Somali people nor do they care about their own citizens.

    I have doubt the bomb explosion in Kampala both Ethiopia and Ugandan administrations (specially Ugandan) were behind for the simple reason we see now, to get more soldiers sent to Somalia and get more aid.

    But for those of you who do not know much about these current affairs let try and give you sneak preview of what went on.

    The main players of this game are;

    African Union, Arab League, Igad, European Union, US and the UN.

    The UNDP for Somalia based in Kenya is one of the most corrupt UNDP branch of all time.

    They continuously refused to relocate to Somalia, create mayhem in Somalia when they see things are going well in Somalia, they want to control any money donated to Somalia.

    African Union
    They not worth mentioning (NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE AT ALL).

    This Eastern African committee has for so long became a tool the Ethiopian dictator uses to abuse for Somalia and Eritrea.

    Other members have none or very little influence including but not limited to saying what support Igad gives to Somalia.

    Arab League
    I must say for as long Somalia remains a member of the Arab League, problems in Somalia will continue.

    For the first time Somalis are talking about why how they ended up a member of the Arab League since we are not ARABS.

    Since 1990 they have done 0% good cause for Somalia, except funding warlords to commit war crimes in Somalia.

    EU, US & UN
    They have no clue of they want Somalia to be no understanding of the crisis in Somalia.

    Clearly the EU & US want to have a government they can control in Somalia, yet they do not know which group they can trust.

    Both EU & US have funded and continue to fund warlords, TFG and Islamists in Somalia and as a result over 2 Million Somalis have died.

    Junaid I. Egale
    Chair of ASPAC

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