Angolan Rebels Say Togo’s Football Team Was Not Intended Target

Togo National Football Team

The Secretary General of (Flec), the Front for the Liberation of the Enclave of Cabinda, Rodrigues Mingas, the group that has claimed responsibility for the attack on Togo’s football team has said that the attack was not aimed at the Togolese players but at the Angolan forces that was ahead of the convoy. He said that they had meant to target only the Angolan security convoy accompanying the team. “So it was pure chance that the gunfire hit the players. We don’t have anything to do with the Togolese and we present our condolences to the African families and the Togo Government. We are fighting for the total liberation of Cabinda,” he told the press.

However, the Angolan government announced today that it had arrested two people suspected of taking part in the attack. (Flec) has being fighting for independence from Angola for over 30 years,. They want control of Cabinda an oil-rich province in the north of the country. They had warned that more attacks could take place, but the negative publicity as a result of this incident may have led to a change of tactics. In a statement to the press, the provincial prosecutor in the area, Antonio Nito, said that the two suspects arrested belong to the rebel group. They were both captured at the scene of the incident. More than 60 per cent of Angola’s daily oil production comes from Cabinda

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