An important drive to eliminating carbon emissions in Africa

It seems countries in Africa have been given a brilliant opportunity to improve on their carbon credentials by the emergence of an amazing product that is set to eliminate carbon emissions improving fuel efficiency and reducing the costs of maintaining vehicles across the region. Whip Speed was first introduced in Sierra Leone where according to reports reaching this press, the Sierra Leone police force has already adopted this product and are experiencing the benefits already. In the not too distant future business across the country and government agencies stand to benefit from the reduction in cost to maintaining their fleet of vehicles and thus reducing the need to invest in new purchases every five years.

At a time when the world is becoming climate-change sensitive it is only prudent for African economies to adopt policies that would ensure strong reduction in carbon emissions to improve on the quality of life of their people. The amount of money spent by government and businesses on the maintenance of fleets of vehicles can be drastically reduced and the funds redirected to essential services like education and health. My understanding is that the product guarantees a 20-40% reduction in fuel costs and as a simple additive to petrol, diesel and marine fuel oil, its application and use is incredibly easy and effortless. I want to believe that because of the inherent potential that Whip-Speed has for carbon trade credit, the product offers an unprecedented value to the oil producing market!

Whip-Speed has already made a difference in some parts of the world. India’s southern province has adopted the product ( Product name in India is Magic Plus ) ( it is worth to mention that Whip Speed and Magic Plus are the same product )and are seeing sustainable efficiency in fuel management as businesses and individuals realize the potential of the product. We can all make a difference and help save our planet by asking our politicians to introduce whip-speed in our localities.

Whip-speed is indeed a remarkable product that will change the lives of many of us who depend on fuel for our everyday mobility. Transportation in Africa can become really affordable for many of us if drivers or transport owners adopt whip-speed to reduce fuel costs. International agencies who have adopted climate-change policies to reduce the world’s carbon emissions are urged to seriously consider embracing this product by introducing it to African economies and help stimulate a continental drive to encourage individual contribution in the quest to save our planet.

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  1. “WE CAN DO IT ” Let’s change the world for the better of All , whip speed fuel additive when used with fuel in general increases the Octane from 45% to 69%, this can lead to near complete combustion, hence reduce and eliminate emissions of green house gases from running engines exhaust pipes within 12 months or less. I call on all OIL producing countries/nations to embark on the use of Whip Speed Fuel Additive to help them reduce the fight on the use of Fossil fuel which has been and still is the main financial tool of developed and developing countries, Whip speed will make all fuel produced from OIL none pollutant, just imagine how much Time, Money & Lives can be saved if Fuel generated from oil is none Pollutant.
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