U.S. and Morocco to Work on Common Interests

Moroccan Government and US Congress Delegation in Rabat

The Moroccan government, chaired by the Prime Minister Abbas El Fassi, met the US Congress Delegation, led by Senator Jude Gregg, on Tuesday in Rabat to discuss their common interests and bilateral relations. The meeting shed light mainly on three issues: Morocco’s territorial integrity, the Palestinian cause, and the bilateral cooperation between the United States and Morocco. Both sides agreed on the importance to advance forward the US-Morocco Free Trade Agreement that was signed in 2004.

In the Morocco-US assembly, the PM Abbas El fassi highlighted the economic, social, and political reforms initiated by Morocco. He mostly highlighted on the Kingdom’s courageous’ achievement in terms of human rights and democracy. Politically, Abbas El Fassi emphasised America’s crucial role in Morocco’s territorial integrity and the Palestinians’ plight in the Middle East. On the other hand, Senator Jude Gregg praised the Moroccan efforts and considered the Kingdom as a very important North African partner and that it is a good example in the region for its economic progress and its determined fight against terrorism and extremism.

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