Diamond Platnumz is simply the biggest and most successful recording artist to come out of East-Africa

Africa’s recent music boom can be credited to Nigeria, Tanzania, South Africa, Sierra Leone, and Kenya. Influential Musicians like Emmerson Bockarie from Sierra Leone whose creativity is boundless, and Davido, Tiwa Savage, Burna Boy, WizKid, Tuface all from Nigeria have left an indelible Presence of African beat at the very heart of International Music. But one person whose influence can only be described as meteoric is Tanzania’s Diamond Platnumz and close to him is my favourite African Musician of all time Harmonize.

Because of the successful duo collaborating performances in the United States with top recording artists, Diamond Platnumz may have become the most recognizable face in the global music arena, But Burna boy’s recent rise cannot go unnoticed as well after scooping Grammy Awards and appearing on major television shows in the US.

The recent comparison by a low-class Ugandan artist to Diamond Platinumz is not only laughable but incomprehensible. Diamond Platnumz is in a class of his own when it comes to fame, wealth, and popularity and owns his own recording label which has seen a host of talents sign up to it and has helped boost the Tanzanian economy.

The Ugandan artist whose name is not worth mentioning here has said he is more successful than Diamond and even more wealthy. Hilarious as that sounds, this press will not give him his 15 seconds of fame by mentioning his name as it’s really not worth it, but to put the record straight, Diamond Platnumz is simply the biggest and most successful East African Recording artist of all time. Second only to him is Harmonize, one of the most talented and poetically endowed Musicians to ever come out of Africa.

Tuface from Nigeria is also a big favorite of mine and he must have set the pace for others to follow and his African Queen Classic is one of the biggest hits to ever come out of Africa.

Emmerson Bockarie is a close second after lighting up the Sierra Leonean Music scene with his extremely creative mixes that strikes at the heart of the political establishment exposing the ills of society in quite a refreshing way. The International Music establishment may soon come knocking as the very talented musician has the knack to bring a difference to any type of collaboration that presents itself to him.

Davido, Wizkid and Tiwa Savage continue to break records as they ignite a new kind of passion with millions of social media followers stamping their appreciation for their amazing talents.

Africa is indeed at crossroads as they give their American counterparts a dig for their money. I would love to see a collaboration between Emmerson Bockarie and Diamond Platnumz as I believe it will bring an amazing fusion of East and West African exotic cultural and traditional influence that is missing in the African music scene!!

The world has suddenly started to notice the fresh and booming talent in this once forgotten continent called Africa

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