Newstime Africa calls on the German government to show mercy and grant Sierra Leonean refugees residency

Refugees in Germany

The publisher of Newstime Africa, Ahmed Andrew Kamara, has called on the German government to show mercy as Sierra Leonean refugees in the country face deportation over the daft decision of their inept president Julius Maada Bio, who is simply oblivious of their plight in the European country.

The ignorant decision by President Bio to send immigration officials to Germany to process the deportation of his country’s nationals is simply regrettable and has been seen by many around the world as a lack of statesmanship on the part of the Sierra Leone President who has refused to entertain the cries of so many languishing on the streets of Germany with no abode or immigration status. The globe-trotting president who prefers to trot around the world with his celebrity wife than tackle issues facing his people seems oblivious of the difficulties his countrymen face in Germany.

Allegations brought forward by the German government that Sierra Leoneans were engaged in criminal activities in the country were proven unfounded and instead of the Head of State sending officials to investigate the allegations he retorted to process their deportation. It was discovered that Nigerian criminals in the country were using fraudulently obtained Sierra Leonean passports to engage in fraud and other criminal activities giving Sierra Leone a bad name and prompting the German government to take action. It should be recalled that President Julius Maada Bio himself along with the current Speaker of Parliament Dr. Abass Bundu were themselves engaged in selling the country’s passports to corrupt Chinese Businessmen in Hong Kong in the early ’90s when they were part of the Junta government that overthrew a democratically elected government.

It is imperative of the German government to conduct a thorough investigation against Nigerian nationals who are engaging in such activities and weed them out to prevent other nationals from becoming victims of their nefarious activities and ending up being blamed as a result.

The German government must cease deportation efforts against the Sierra Leonean refugees who are by and large responsible and law-abiding citizens that do not engage in any kind of criminal activities and are not notorious for such acts around the world.

Thousands of Sierra Leonean refugees face deportation over this anomaly and the German government is kindly asked to revisit its decision or policy that has been erroneously influenced by the irresponsible actions of the clueless President of Sierra Leone Julius Maada Bio.

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